Saturday, January 16, 2010


The negotiations are still going on as we speak between NBC and Conan O'Brien, and Nikki Finke is right on top of all that. Seems that Universal Studios president and COO Ron Meyer was called in to smooth over some of the ill feelings. Earlier you had NBC Universal head Jeff Zucker threatening to ice Conan and prevent him from working anywhere else for the remainder of his NBC deal to 2012, and then you had Dick Edersol, Universal sports chairman, trashing Conan and saying "he let me down" as host of the Tonight Show. Anyway, cooler heads have apparently prevailed and it looks as if Conan is going to leave with a lot of money and the freedom to do whatever he wants. The reason for the delay in announcing a done deal apparently has to do with negotiations for all the staff Conan moved to LA to work on the show.  

Speaking of Zucker -- shouldn't it maybe be Zucker who should be leaving, and Conan who should be staying? There have been so many train wrecks at NBC over the past while, and this is only one more on top of all the rest of them. It's true, all these stories we hear about how Zucker got Conan arrested for some Harvard Lampoon college prank years ago. Wow, things haven't changed from college days.

Anyway, the big story of the last two days is about how Jimmy Kimmel was invited onto Jay Leno's show to explain his behavior in lampooning Jay the other night, and Kimmel ripped Jay to shreds, on the air, on Jay's show!. Holy man.

And on Friday night, everyone was at it again ripping NBC to shreds on their late night shows. Conan had yet another "classic Tonight Show moment" from his long (?) tenure at the helm, Deon Cole came on to say that Conan was "pimping out", and they showed a montage of Conan and Andy Richter dodging bullets as they headed in to work. Funny stuff.

I haven't posted too many videos here as of yet but I've headed over to YouTube and found some clips recapping the nonsense that has gone on all this week. Check it out.

And that is all for now.

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