Sunday, January 17, 2010


Well, it looks like the deal is apparently almost done over at NBC. Conan O'Brien is getting booted out this week from the network with a multimillion dollar buyout. All signs point to his final Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien happening on Friday night.

The folks at Team Conan are taking the news hard and threatening boycotts of NBC, which is going to be pretty tough for some of these Chuck fans to do. This Huffington Post article talks about what a PR debacle this has been for the network.

Meanwhile the anti-NBC vitriol has spilled over to Saturday Night Live, where ironically Conan was once on staff years ago.

Another writer turned on Team Conan and blamed them for not watching his show. Man, this article made my blood boil. It's not Team Conan's fault-- they DID tune in, you fool! It's all these other idiots who didn't tune in who are the reason he's off the Tonight Show -- not to mention the crummy lead-ins for the past four months..

Also, with the O'Brien departure from NBC you can say goodbye to a ton of intellectual property that now belongs to NBC and presumably will never be seen again, such as Conando. And The Masturbating Bear. And "The Year 3000".  The future of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is up in the air -- apparently that may not be tied to Conan's show. If this material all goes up in smoke, then boy, what a loss to the world of comedy this forced exit is going to turn out to be for the fans. In the end it's the fans who are really the ones getting The Late Shaft.

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