Sunday, January 10, 2010


Monday night is a big night on The Bachelor as one of the psychos, uh, I mean women on the show is booted out for supposedly having an affair behind everyone's back with a producer on the show.

At least, that's the line of bull we are supposed to believe about Rozlyn Papa (right), the woman who was tossed from the show in the now-infamous Bachelor Scandal. But we are hearing that may not be the case. Here's an article about it here plus some video from Access Hollywood, suggesting there were some other issues going on involving some other relationship she had going on.

Anyway, whatever the real story is, Rozlyn is disqualified. It's too bad, too -- she's a real hottie. Anyway, this mess all goes down on Monday night's episode.I wish I could say I was surprised to see yet another train-wreck moment happen on The Bachelor, but here it is again. Gee, this show never stops sinking to the bottom of the ocean depths, does it? The problem, though, is that these train-wreck moments are starting to pale in comparison to the real-life wrecks out there (Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen, et al).

It's just unfortunate that I will have to miss this nonsense on TV to be at city council, covering City Hall as I usually do, but that's life.

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