Sunday, November 29, 2009


It was a close race with New Moon almost getting blindsided by The Blind Side. My Reject Report rant is up.

For some strange reason I am not in any kind of football mood right now, so I have no desire to see The Blind Side at all.


That's my comment on Montreal's 28-27 comeback win over the Riders on a last-second field goal. What a way to lose -- but then again, Rider fans have seen plenty of ways to lose over the years.

Seems like old times here in the flat province.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Well, it sure sounds as if a big fight in the Tiger Woods household was the big precursor to Tiger's big early morning car accident the other day.
Leave it to our good friends over at TMZ to dig up the dirt on the big Tiger Woods car crash fiasco. According to them, the scratches on Tiger's face were caused not by the car accident, but by his wife over allegations that he had been cheating on her!!  (Oh no -- not another one!!)

Also, here's another story on the police investigation which Tiger doesn't seem to be in a hurry to cooperate with.

Also, the woman alleged to by Tiger's mistress is getting ready to sue the National Enquirer over the allegation and has given a call to, surprise surprise, Gloria Allred.

Why am I not surprised?? If it's a celebrity in trouble, you can count on two things: both Harvey Levin and Gloria Allred will be involved in making cash off of it some way.

Expect more details soon - hopefully we'll get to the bottom of this strange, strange story.


The reports this week about the $3.9 million financial drubbing taken by the Rexall Edmonton Indy in 2009 do not bode well for the future of the race, I am sorry to say. The race is still scheduled to go forward in 2010 but after that, I have to say I have doubts.
The main problem is that it's the city of Edmonton and the taxpayers who are left holding the bag for the race at the end of the day. Frankly, that isn't acceptable, and much as I love going up to Edmonton to see the race there I wouldn't blame the city if they decided to pull out.

The question I have is: is there anyone out there who might be prepared to make this race viable?? Seems to me there is no one prepared to step up to the plate any time soon to possibly save the race. It's too bad. If the event does eventually bite the dust, though, I sure hope people won't point fingers at the fans and say "well, racing will never work in Edmonton because they just don't like auto racing." That would be bee ess, because the fan support has been solid for this event. It's just that the money isn't there to keep it running at a profit. It's a crying shame.

Friday, November 27, 2009


Well, it's official: the world dies in 2012. Too much bizarre stuff is happening in the world right now.

First: Al Roker writes a book about murdering the executive producer of your TV morning show. Scary stuff; I'd hate to be Al Roker's EP right now.

Next was the strange case of that reality TV couple that crashed that big White House function the other day. Which makes you wonder -- if they can crash the White House, who else could?!

Third, Dubai is under water financially and people are worried it'll bring the whole world economy down, again, too. Well, great. We're just exiting one recession and now we're going to be plunging head-first into another one whether we want it or not.   

Finally, Tiger Woods injures himself in a bizarre auto accident in the wee hours. And they say charges will be laid!! I'm going: "what the hey?" This is the kind of stuff worthy of some third-rate basketball or baseball player, not Tiger Woods.

All I have to say is -- be ready for 2012, folks. These are all signs of the coming doom of the human race.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


And god bless the NFL because we have three games Thursday, including the Packers at the Lions, Giants at Broncos, and the Cowboys host the Raiders.

Too bad the Raiders are such a stinking team these days, but that's life. (I like putting up pictures of the Cowboys cheerleaders at Thanksgiving -- they're sooooo cute.)

I notice there are some idiots who think maybe they should just do away with the Cowboys and Lions always playing on Thanksgiving. You know, do away with tradition. I think that's a terrible idea -- tradition is one of the great things about sports. Besides, we know Thanksgiving is the only day of the year when we see the Detroit Lions on TV and see how crappy their team is, because they won't be on the tube any other time for that reason alone.

Hey, what a great week for football, eh? We've got the NFL on Thursday, college games on Friday and Saturday, and the CFL Grey Cup on Sunday.

And I have no meetings scheduled for Monday, so I can watch the NFL, too. Now, if only I can get over this bug I've got that has me stuck at home right now, life would be good. (So don't expect too many posts from me for a bit.)

Oh, my Reject Report Thanksgiving movie predictions are up. And did you hear that Donny Osmond won Dancing With the Stars?

Sunday, November 22, 2009


This is a big day for me sports-wise. The NASCAR season ends today, so I'll have to find out what's going on in the big race in Miami to see if Jimmie Johnson wins another Sprint Cup. More important, it is a big day for another important cup: the Grey Cup.

It is big day of CFL playoff action with the Saskatchewan Roughriders taking on the Calgary Stampeders in the West final. Winner takes on the Montreal-BC survivor in next week's Grey Cup game.

Oh, and the MLS Cup final is today, but not even fans in Los Angeles or Salt Lake City care about that. 

I expect I will be focused on one game and one game only. All I have to say is: Go Riders.


Holy freak, Batman.They also set the midnight-movie record and at $140 million have the highest box office domestic opening of the year. I should have seen it coming, but I didn't. This exceeds everyone's predictions and expectations.

More soon.

Friday, November 20, 2009


I notice theater lineups are huge with all these tweenage girls standing in line to see this movie. My Reject Report prediction is now up.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Noooooooooo!!! The women of America aren't going to like this news.

"Oprah Winfrey leaving her show in 2011!" Hey, at the end of a day it's only a TV show, folks. Life goes on. In fact, she's heading to cable to start her own channel. It's all good.


Just wanted to let you folks know that all the tweenage girls are lining up to see Twilight Saga: New Moon at the theaters as we speak. And you don't need to be a vampire to realize the gross is going to be huge. Already the international box office is through the roof. I plan to post a link to my Reject Report box office column prediction, as soon as the guys there put it up.


Well, Sarah Palin continues her "victory tour" promoting her new book Going Rogue. The former Alaska governor and one-time Vice-Presidential candidate, so beloved by her die-hard conservative fans in the Republican Party, has hopped from talk show to talk show to spout off about the issues of the day. Really, that's all the news this week.

I really wonder about whether Sarah Palin is really good for the Republican Party. In fact it seems like the whole conservative movement has been taken over by the nutty people lately -- like (ugh) Glenn Beck. Or (gag!) Carrie Prejean. How about that Rush Limbaugh?

Although, to be honest, I like Limbaugh. He comes off as sane compared to these other lunatics in the movement who are going on and on about gay marriage, abortion, immigration and other issues I really couldn't get excited about.

I don't so much have a problem with Palin's policies. It's the way she's spouted off about everything, whether it be David Letterman or anything else, that I have a problem with. And this whole business of quitting as governor so you can cash in on a book deal just strikes me as selfish and not exactly civic-minded. She just seems to be out for herself.

I sort of pine for the days when the conservative movement in the USA had some class at the top of it -- you know, people like William F. Buckley. You had people leading the movement of the calibre of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan. You can agree or disagree with what they stood for but at least they were rock-solid individuals who stood for the public good. Nowadays, though, it just seems like the whole conservative movement in the USA is turning into a big sideshow, dominated by these loudmouths in the media. And they're making the entire movement look bush league and mean-spirited.

Honestly, I hope the Republicans stay far away from this woman when it comes time to nominating a candidate for President in 2012 (there's that year again). Sarah Palin is just a lightning rod stirring up enough trouble with her big mouth. But these primaries being what they are, anything can happen. Nominating Palin would be an excellent way for the party to lose the next presidential election by a big margin.

Yes, I don't sound like much of a conservative today. I do, however, sound like a disgruntled fan of a losing team. That is exactly what the Republicans are threatening to turn themselves into: the Buffalo Bills of politics.


The big 5-0 today! Hey Rocky -- watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!


This has been a rollercoaster of a week for Joanna Krupa. First, the idiots who live in middle America decided they'd rather see Donny Osmond and Kelly Osbourne on Dancing With the Stars, so they eliminated Joanna on Tuesday night, and eliminated any hope that show had of a significant male audience for its finals next week.

Don't feel bad for Joanna however. The good news is that her empowering(!), feminist(!) Playboy pictorial is out on stands now, and the best news of all is that unlike Olivia Munn, Heidi Montag and these other efforts, this time Playboy showed a celebrity who is actually naked. Oh. My. God!

Joanna Krupa is definitely my new favorite woman. You go, girl.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


In the wake of all my recent embarrassing male-centric posts about hot f***ing women (ie. Olivia Munn, Stephanie Seymour, Joanna Krupa, etc.), I thought I would let the females of the species enjoy their day in the sun, too, and allow them to enjoy their equal right to drool over guys. Hey, I believe in equal rights. Let the ladies have their fun, too, I say.

So without any further ado --- I'm pleased to announce that People has named Johnny Depp their Sexiest Man Alive. Way to go, dude!!!!

I'm mentioning this only as a public service to all you women out there because honestly, I don't care. At all.

Monday, November 16, 2009


What's with all the networks suddenly reviving old TV series? V?! The Prisoner?! Hawaii Five-O?! I guess the folks in charge of the TV networks want to harken back to the good old days of TV. I don't blame them, frankly -- everything was better back then. You didn't even need to pay a cable company for your TV watching back then, for one thing.

Anyway, people over at ABC, fresh off the success of that sci-fi revival of V, are now talking up a TV revival of Charlie's Angels. And the big question of course is, who should be in the cast? The original cast - Farrah, Kate, Jaclyn -- really hasn't been topped yet (with due respect to the excellent Cheryl Ladd).

We all know who was in the movie: Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz. From what I gather Barrymore is behind this latest revival for TV. But if the movie cast aren't available (and I doubt they are anyway), who should do it?

I have a couple of suggestions -- Natasha Henstridge and Tricia Helfer. Hey, these Angels on the TV show were sexy kickass women. (Am I allowed to use the word "kickass" in a blog?) I'll say this for Natasha and Tricia, they're sexy and kickass girls who'd be great Charlie's Angels based on the other kickass roles they've had for TV (Natasha in She Spies, Tricia in Battlestar Galactica etc.) .

I know what you're thinking -- count on me to suggest my favorite woman Tricia Helfer for yet another part. But I actually think she'd be great. In fact, didn't Tricia once play Farrah on a TV movie at one point in time, some movie about the making of Charlie's Angels? Yes, she did.

My worry, though, is that instead of taking my inspired suggestions, these folks in charge over there at the network will probably take the easy way out and go with Elisa Dushku or some other oft-cancelled series actress from another show. That would be a sure-fire way to turn the revival of Charlie's Angels into another Knight Rider-style wreck. In fact, the guy behind Sarah Connor Chronicles is apparently on board with this production, too, and we all know how that series turned out. 

I wonder who's going to be the voice for Charlie? Chris Tucker?! (Now, that would be a riot.)


Well, the TV hearings into whether the Canadian TV networks will get more money are on. Carriage fees are the main topic with the networks hoping to force the cable companies to pony up fees-for-carriage for the broadcast signals they carry. So far on Day One, CRTC chair Konrad von Finkenstein is rightfully calling the two sides out for a confrontational and antagonistic atmosphere in this whole debate.

As for me, I am just frustrated and fed up with what's going on. As I have said earlier, I feel the viewers are getting shafted and ignored bigtime by everyone involved in this whole discussion. We're getting a big PR war being waged by the TV nets on one side pledging to Save Local TV, and the cable companies on the other side pledging to Stop the TV Tax. And we're getting these freaking ads on TV for both sides all the time, littering the screen. If you tune in CTV or Global, it's these "Local TV Matters" ads. If you tune in to Rogers or Shaw, it's "Stop the TV Tax!". It's like a bloody election campaign! Add to that the ads from these unions representing the talent in this country who work in the industry, and the other lobbying efforts. I've said it before -- the TV industry in Canada isn't about entertainment or serving the viewing public -- it is all about politics.

Just read the comments that are tacked on to both those news articles I linked to, and you can immediately tell what the reaction of the Canadian public is to all this nonsense. People are fed up and cynical about the TV networks, the cable companies, the CBC, these unions -- everyone in the whole TV industry. And they are even more fed up with the CRTC which calls all the shots and makes all the rules, acting as if they are cut-rate town councillors.

I've asked the question before and I'll say it one more time: when are the TV viewers who shell out for cable and satellite going to get their due respect and consideration from these TV people? Not likely, it seems. Anyway, this should make for interesting TV on CPAC, the Cable Public Affairs Channel -- if you care.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Domestic opening was $65 million. Read it at the Reject Report.

This haul is just the start for the domestic box office, folks. We have some busy times ahead at the theaters: The Twilight Saga: New Moon kicks off the big runup to American Thanksgiving this coming Friday, and then there's a whole ton of movies rolling out the following Wednesday. So a full week of movie madness kicks off this coming weekend. November is definitely the new summer.



Cable TV Week concludes here at the CAIRNS BLOG with a look at the big premiere this weekend on AMC of what they hope will be another of their quality-level shows, The Prisoner. This is the much anticipated revival miniseries of the Sixties classic that starred Patrick McGoohan as Number Six. The remake has Jim Caviezel in the Number Six role and Ian McKellen as Number 2.

We've been getting a lot of talk about TV series revivals lately -- CBS is of course planning to bring back Hawaii Five-0, and ABC rolled out its much-anticipated revival of the science fiction classic V this month to some pretty big ratings numbers. (V, pictured right.)

As for this Prisoner revival, hopefully it will be a big success -- but some of the critics don't seem too impressed. "The viewers feel like prisoners!!" these humorous people are saying. Well, darnit, if that's the case I guess it's back to watching TV poker for me, then. This new series has a lot to live up to -- the original (opening credits below) is widely considered to be one of the greatest TV series of all time.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Well the Gemini Awards, celebrating excellence in Canadian television, are tonight, live from Calgary. And unfortunately, no one in Canada really cares.

There are a few reasons why no one really cares. The first reason is because this show, on Global, is up against Hockey Night in Canada, a show Canadians actually do care about. And guess what the matchup was tonight? You guessed it: Calgary at Toronto. So even though the Geminis were handed out in Calgary, I'll bet more people in Calgary were actually watching the hockey game on the other channel, CBC. Worse yet, it was a good game with a few good fights.Why the Geminis are putting this awards show up against Hockey Night in Canada, I have no idea. Friday or Sunday night would have been much better for this awards show. Seriously.

Second reason no one cares: Corner Gas, the wildly popular sitcom set in Saskatchewan that wrapped up its final season (pictured), was nominated for nothing. Nada. So nobody in Saskatchewan has much reason to watch, either -- though I guess the people in charge of the awards kind of redeemed themselves in the end by giving some sort of special tribute award not only to Corner Gas, but to Royal Canadian Air Farce and Trailer Park Boys which also went off the air.

I find it odd that Corner Gas wasn't nominated in the comedy category, it wasn't as if these other nominees were any great shakes. I can understand if another deserving nominee wins in the end, but to not even give Corner Gas even one nomination in any category -- I don't get it. It's not as if this show had totally lost it or was completely awful in its last year. (In another travesty, Lloyd Robertson got passed over for a Best News Anchor nomination. Needless to say, I have some difficulty taking these nominations very seriously.)

To be totally honest with you I think the Geminis have been totally overshadowed by a lot of other stuff going on in the Canadian TV industry this year - like this ridiculous fight between the cable companies and broadcasters over fees for carriage. In fact, the CRTC are going to have their hearings in Ottawa starting Monday on this whole issue of fees and it promises to be riveting television on your cable public affairs channel, CPAC.

This is a battle that has gotten very ugly in a short period of time, with stations getting closed down and with other stations and local newscasts being threatened with removal from the air. I still have pretentions about working in the TV industry again some day, so I kind of want to stay out of this whole dispute. I want it to be settled in a fashion where the whole industry comes out ahead and jobs get saved or even created. But I'm just not happy at all with the contempt being shown towards the most important people in this whole equation, the viewers. These TV players seem to be caring more about the almighty dollar and how to extract it from the public than about putting good shows on the air. The best interests of the folks at home are taking second fiddle to the interests of interest groups and conglomerates -- viewers seem certain to get hosed in the end, no matter what.

I find it amazing that any television of any quality is able to get produced in this kind of environment in Canada, with the networks looking to cut even further to the bone and with cable companies threatening to hike rates yet again if fees-for-carriage goes through. I hope it all gets sorted out for the best, but I kind of have my doubts. 

Friday, November 13, 2009


Cable TV Week continues here at the blog! On the heels of my posts about cable business news earlier in the week, here is a piece from Vanity Fair about Fox Business Network and asking whether it is a lost cause.

I have to say, it's pretty hard to call a network a success when you have so much trouble finding a feed for it anywhere. You can watch CNBC on any cable system; and you can have no trouble picking up a Bloomberg feed on the Internet. Here in frozen Canada, you can even watch BNN out of Toronto! But Fox Business Network is absolutely difficult to find anywhere.

I do agree that once the deals that the Rupert Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal still has with CNBC expire, then things will start to look up for Fox Business, because they'll get access to all that talent. I also think some of the moves they have made, like the hiring of John Stossel away from ABC News, will help over time. A better economy will also help. Let's face it, nobody wants to watch bad economic news on TV. Sure, a lot of people watched CNBC during the crash, but things were even better for them during the boom times in the '90s. In fact, you couldn't keep up with the amount of business news TV shows and live streams that were out there at the time. Boom times are exactly what Fox Business Network needs to get in more viewers.

But they really do need to quit having their anchors taking in Happy Hour at the local bar. Audiences of these financial channels would rather know what are the best stocks, not the best drinks.

(Pictured: Fox Business anchor Alexis Glick, mainly because I didn't feel like putting a picture up of Cody Willard or anyone else from over there.)


This weekend the CFL playoffs get under way and since I come from a family where the sport of football rules, there is plenty of excitement about the games coming up. You would think there would be plenty of excitement throughout Canada -- but no. Maybe for the Grey Cup game, perhaps, but not right now. In fact, I get the impression people in frozen Canada are still more interested in hockey than football, even at this important time of year when the playoffs are on at every level of the sport.

What nonsense. Football deserves to be Number One at this point in the year, but Canadians still can't get enough of their beloved hockey players -- which leads me to this video which has to rank as almost sacrilege to many Canadian sports fans..

I stumbled across this video on YouTube. It's from about a year ago, of Winnipeg Blue Bombers football legend Milt Stegall trashing the sport of hockey in hilarious fashion. (Courtesy: Rogers Sportsnet.)

As a football fan, I find this rant highly amusing, but apparently a lot of Canadians were offended. It was as if Stegall was insulting Canadians' taste in professional sports. Only in Canada would something like Stegall's comments be controversial. Whenever someone talks trash about the sport of hockey, Canadians automatically react as if their own culture and way of life is being attacked. But here's a guy from a sport that is played in Canada who plays for a Canadian team who is speaking his mind about a sport he doesn't play and which, quite frankly, he doesn't have much use for. I mean, really, you don't see Americans up at arms when football players trash baseball and vice-versa. People realize they are just kidding around. But here, people go nuts over stuff like this, as if it was Canada itself he was lampooning. 

Such is sports fandom in Canada, where hockey players are treated like royalty and the Second Coming, while the sport of football and football players are treated by fans as second-class all the way. Hey, Canada, remember that when the Jets left for the States, the Blue Bombers stayed put. And you never see these CFL players walking out on strike or being locked out, or cancelling entire seasons like the NHL has done. The CFL's been more loyal to this country than the NHL has ever been, and that's a big reason why your football players fully deserve your full support in the playoffs. (Too bad Winnipeg isn't in the playoffs, but that's life.)


This weekend marks an important milestone for filmmaker Roger Corman. The famed drive-in movie director will be getting an Honorary Oscar for Lifetime Achievement.That will happen this weekend.

Now, I gotta say -- I don't think Roger Corman ever expected he'd ever get an Oscar for any movie, for any reason. His movies are not the kind of movies that anyone would imagine to be Oscar-worthy at all.

He made movies like Little Shop of Horrors,  X: The Man With the X-Ray Eyes, The Pit and the Pendulum, It Conquered the World, Machine Gun Kelly, The Wild Angels, and a host of others. He was mainly known for his work with American International, the great B-movie studio of the Sixties, before he moved on in the Seventies to his own company New World Pictures. As an executive producer Corman brought you some great Seventies T-and-A including The Student Nurses, The Big Doll House, Private Duty Nurses, Big Bad Mama and other R-rated flicks, including plenty of car-chase movies like Eat My Dust and Grand Theft Auto.

More than his movies, though, Corman is well-known for giving so many other talented Hollywood people at shot at making movies on the cheap with his studio. Among the folks who got their start with Corman was Jack Nicholson, cast in Little Shop of Horrors. He also gave early chances to such greats as Martin Scorsese, Jonathan Demme, Francis Ford Coppola, James Cameron, Peter Bogdanovich, Joe Dante and Ron Howard. Howard was just coming off Happy Days when Corman gave him a director's shot for the movie Grand Theft Auto -- which was actually what you expect it to be, the kind of drive-in movie a young guy like Ron Howard could cut his teeth directing. The rest is history.

In Corman's book How I Made a Hundred Movies in Hollywood and Never Lost a Dime, there are so many anecdotes from all these now big-name folks who worked with Corman at one time or another and got their big break into the movie business. I wonder if it's even possible to go the same route today, with the drive-in business pretty much gone and replaced with the straight-to-DVD market. Anyway, his willingness to give so many talented people their shot in Hollywood is as much a part of the Corman legend as the movies he made as a director and later as a producer.

He was also executive producer on some films involving the great Queen of the B's Claudia Jennings such as Unholy Rollers and Deathsport. And he was executive producer on Big Bad Mama that starred Angie Dickinson and, uh, William Shatner.

In tribute to Corman I thought I would share some of the trailers for just some of the stuff that would not have made it to a drive-in near you had it not been for him. Enjoy.


My Reject Report is up. Oh, by the way, they did a nice job selecting the date to roll out this doomsday movie, because it happens to be Friday the 13th.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Well, there's been a lot of talk about the end of the world again what with this movie coming out called 2012, about the Mayan prophesy that the world will end in 2012. I dunno about you, but I worry about these prophesies and about some of these doomsayer-type people who believe in them. I'm of the belief that if enough doomsayer-types are crazy enough to believe in the end of the world, these fanatical people will find some way, some how, to get their wish and make the end of the world happen whether the rest of us want it to happen or not.

Anyway, here's the trailer out for the doomsday movie from famed apocalypse-movie director Roland Emmerich, 2012, and all I'll say is if this flick is in any way like The Day After Tomorrow, Emmerich's other piece of junk, then there is no way in heck that I will see it. No way do I want to waste money on this movie like I did that one.


This is officially Cable TV Week here at the blog -- mainly because "Boredom Week" sounds too depressing. As you know, I did a Fox Business News post on Nicole Petallides and a G4TechTV post on hottie Olivia Munn. Now I get to do another CNN post in the wake of the big Lou Dobbs departure.

TVNewser is always good for a lot of news on CNN happenings and they report the network has moved quickly to install John King in the former Lou Dobbs spot. Also, the word is that the parting of ways with Dobbs was "extremely amicable". Maybe Dobbs is planning to run for President.

Also, Larry King interviewed another favorite subject of mine, former Miss California Carrie Prejean, on his show the other night, and all I have to say is that Carrie (a.k.a. "the Ice Queen") didn't let me down and came through for me yet again with her usual pitbull nutty reaction. In fact, she nearly walked off the show! Maybe she's planning to run for President, too. Or perhaps she's planning a future in talk radio -- she'd fit right in with the rest of these nutbars over there on the radio.

Donald Trump, Mr. "Second Chances," also had a few words about what happened on Larry King.

You know, Carrie needs to get as far away from the media as possible, she needs to find a nice beach somewhere to relax at -- and a nice boyfriend, while she's at it. Not like the one who sent illicit tapes of her off to pageant officials in order to incriminate her. Talk about stabbing your woman in the back!!! Couldn't that guy have shown at least some respect for his girlfriend, or former girlfriend, whichever is which?! No wonder she is so miserable all the time!

That's it!!!   

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Speaking of business news... the New York Times is saying Lou Dobbs is done at CNN. If the Times says it's true, well, it must be, right?!

This is the second time Dobbs has left CNN. The first time, he quit to head up a dot-com about outer space. When he came back, he ditched his serious business-anchor routine to become a Howard Beale-type spewing against immigration. Good for ratings, but not exactly a good fit at the increasingly liberal CNN.

Where Dobbs goes next is anyone's guess. Don't tell me, let me guess: Fox News.


You know, there are times in my job when I find myself on the business beat covering business happenings. Not too long ago I was at a big economic development conference in which Brett Wilson, one of the Dragons from CBC's Dragon's Den, showed up as a guest speaker. And then he was on a panel with a bunch of bullish CEOs who were all talking about how great things were in Saskatchewan. And I was sitting there waiting for Erin Burnett or Maria Bartiromo to burst through the door to do a big story on this conference and report on the economic miracle that is Saskatchewan and tell the world how great things are up here (Number One performing jurisdiction in North America, etc.).

Of course, here we are a couple of weeks later and the word is that this province is about to finally go into recession, so I guess it's a good thing Erin and Maria didn't show up. They would have wasted their time.  

Earlier this week I had to chase down another story about a shakeup in the executive ranks at one of the region's financial institutions, and getting hard information out of anyone was like pulling teeth. So it wasn't fun and games, but yes, I've had more business news to do up here as of late. And of course I write up the box office results from the movies each week, so that's technically business news as well.

Anyway, I found another profile of business reporter Nicole Petallides of Fox Business Network. You read an article like the one I linked to and you get the impression that it's a lot of fun covering the Wall Street beat, following the bears and the bulls. I wouldn't mind being on the Wall Street beat myself; it would be more interesting than some of the stuff I am covering right now (fires, car wrecks etc.). I think I mentioned before that I had my Canadian Securities Course certificate, so yeah, I'm definitely qualified to cover business news -- just like Nicole Petallides. (Hey Nicole -- nice hat.)


Well, on this Remembrance Day/Veterans Day, I have nothing better to do here than post about Jay Leno's sinking prime time ratings. He fell to 1.15 in the 18-49 category on Monday, and while his show did improve a little on Tuesday all I have to say is: NBC, when are you going to bring out the hook?! These are dismal numbers, folks.

The folks running the news departments of NBC's affiliated stations must be freaking out over the dismal ratings of the lead-in for their 11pm/10 Central Time news. One rumor making the rounds is that NBC affiliates might move their newscasts to the hour time slot Leno currently holds, and move Leno to 11/10 Central instead. But that would push Conan O'Brien back even further into the night. All in all, things are hairy all over for NBC and for Jay Leno. In fact, now the show is being revamped to look pretty much like what his old Tonight Show used to look like. Some change this has been, folks.

George Lopez, meanwhile, also debuted Monday with his new late-night effort over on TBS, which of course cannot be seen here in frozen Canada, and he did pretty good numbers. In fact he almost tripled Leno. Maybe the folks at NBC need to boot Leno and put George in. Better yet, why not boot Leno and make an effort in prime time with some dramas -- because it's obvious that's what the real TV fans want to see.

In other TV news, ABC has been on a cancellation spree, getting rid of Kelsey Grammer's new show Hank. They also gave Eastwick the axe.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Still in the "useless news" file -- in addition to that Carrie Prejean article I linked to, I notice Fox News had another article about Demi Moore and her youthful-looking cover for W magazine. The question they ask is "is Demi aging backwards?" Of course not, dumbbells, it's just photoshop, but still, it's fun.
The article also implies that Demi -- known as a big "cougar" because of her marriage to stud-muffin Ashton Kutcher, and also for her hot bikini-body in her forties -- would like to be known as a "puma" now. As in "puma power".

Oh Demi, really, who's kidding who, here? You're a cougar.

Be proud of it, girl. Being a cougar means you're sexy and hot -- it's a cool thing for a woman to be. Just by being a cougar and by living that feline lifestyle to the hilt with the younger tigers, 47-year-old Demi Moore raises her fellow fortysomething women up a notch and gives all cougars a good name.


In the "useless news" file this week THE CAIRNS BLOG is pleased to serve up yet another update of the happenings of that lunatic conservative anti-gay-marriage beauty queen, Carrie Prejean.

Well, she sure doesn't seem too sane, does she?? And it's not because of her stance on same-sex marriage that I question her sanity -- it's all the other crazy stuff surrounding this woman.

Last we heard from her, she was suing the Miss California pageant over being fired. Well, turns out she dropped the lawsuit over some pretty incriminating evidence the pageant had against our friend Miss Carrie -- like the fact that she made a sex tape for her boyfriend, where she, uh, has sex with herself.

So this was for her boyfriend, eh?! Some boyfriend he was, because he sure didn't keep his mouth shut about this tape. As for Carrie and yet another one of her youthful indiscretions, I wonder what all the religious right-type people are saying now -- these ones who were all going "woo hoo!" and  "you go, girl!" when Carrie opened her big mouth at the Miss USA pageant on gay marriage? How do they explain this away?

Anyway, Carrie is in trouble again. It never fails. To me, something about Carrie just doesn't seem right -- she doesn't seem too genuine a person to me. She makes herself out as this big Christian goody-goody while at the same time she poses for topless photos and makes sex videos of herself. At least when Pam Anderson does that sort of thing she's at least honest about the fact that she's no angel. But Carrie still wants to portray herself as this sweet thing.

I just hate that two-faced attitude, and that's why I think Carrie Prejean is just bad, bad news. She may be a gorgeous babe, but if I were her current boyfriend I'd run for the hills.

Monday, November 09, 2009


Watching Tom Brokaw, perhaps?

Sunday, November 08, 2009


I was thinking about doing my News from Nowhere column this week, but I realized -- I don't really feel like it.

I could post about that shooting at Fort Hood in Texas, or about the big health care reform bill that went through Congress but may die in the Senate, or about how Ida is up to Category 2. Or I could mention the football happenings with the Saskatchewan Roughriders clinching first place in the CFL West for the first time in 33 years, or the NASCAR happenings with Kurt Busch winning because Kyle Busch ran out of gas.

Or perhaps I could get around to providing a comment about the joke that was the presidential election in Afghanistan. Or maybe I could explain why (pictured) George Clooney's movie The Men Who Stare at Goats didn't do better than it did at the box office. My Reject Report weekend roundup column offers up some more intensive analysis of the grosses of this weekend's movies.

The bottom line is that I have been a bit overworked lately and will be looking forward to the time off that I have in store later this week. As a result, I really don't feel like posting all that much tonight. I guess I am just posting this as a way to keep the blog alive and kicking for those of you who read it.

Saturday, November 07, 2009


I had been rummaging around in vain looking for something interesting to put on this blog, and then I noticed on Monday it will be the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Interesting stuff.

I notice U2 commemorated the fall of the Wall at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Pretty important milestone. Since I'll be very busy Monday, here's a historic YouTube clip from 1989 recounting the fall of the Berlin Wall. (See, my blog can be relevant and important to the chattering classes, too.)

Oops, sorry, wrong video -- David Hasselhoff is NOT what we are looking for.

There. Now that's more like it, now.

Friday, November 06, 2009


Now, honestly, did you really think I'd get through this week without acknowledging the anniversary of a show that I grew up watching on the CBC at 11 am in the morning?

Sesame Street has come a long way from its early days and I thought I would salute the show by putting up some memorable clips from YouTube, including this highlight reel that actually ran five years ago.

Next up is the Cookie Monster singing C Is for Cookie. These days, the folks running Sesame Street have been trying to make Cookie politically correct and get him to eat fruits and vegetables. But wasn't the whole point of the Cookie Monster meant to kind of humanize monsters? I mean, it's a monster eating cookies -- he must be a good guy, then, if he likes cookies!? That sort of thing.

Now here's an early clip of a very weird and orange-looking Oscar the Grouch singing I Love Trash.

And the Mahna Mahna song.

And last but not least, Kermit the Frog singing It's Not Easy Being Green.

I may post more cool Sesame Street stuff here but I think that is all for now.

Thursday, November 05, 2009


The headline is my best John Sterling imitation yet. Add the year "2009" to the years listed on the flag above, folks.

This is the twenty-seventh world title for the New York Yankees, and unfortunately, I missed most of the game. But I did catch the end of it.

Someone remind me I have a Reject Report column to file today, too?! Man, am I busy this week. I'm glad I haven't come down with the flu.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Big freaking news out of New Jersey is that AP has projected Chris Christie, the Republican, has knocked off Jon Corzine the incumbent Democrat in the governor's race. Big, big news.

Right now in the mayor's race in New York, Mayor Mike Bloomberg is projected the winner over Bill Thompson but not by as much as expected.

And the Republican Bob McDonnell has won in Virginia's governor's race by a large margin.

That's all for right now.


I've had a hard, busy last couple of days and tomorrow promises to be more of the same, so I'm just relaxing and watching the election results from the USA come in. For political junkies like me, life is good.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Monday, November 02, 2009


Here's a memo to Jay Leno: don't talk to the press.

What these entertainment reporters do is goad you into answering one of their hatchet-job questions and they then take your words out of context and make a story out of it. What they usually do is ask a bunch of inane and boring questions about how well the show is going and so on, before finally springing the question on you they really, really want to ask.  

Like, for example, "would you go back to Tonight?!" "Uh, okay."

As a result, you get stories like this: "Jay Leno Wouldn't Mind Returning to the Tonight Show." So the 10 pm experiment looks like a loser, Jay Leno looks like a loser, and Conan O'Brien looks like an even bigger loser because it looks like Jay is after his job. Worse yet for Jay and Conan, NBC executives read this stuff and start to get ideas that maybe, just maybe, this is exactly what they ought to do. In the end everyone loses - except for the reporter who got his freaking story and big headline associated with it.

The media. Nothing but troublemakers, I'll tell you.

Sunday, November 01, 2009


That's it? That's it? Yes indeed -- for Michael Jackson, that was it.

My Reject Report column surveys the weekend results and the continued strength of Paranormal Activity at theaters.

UPDATE: I should also note to those misguided folks out there who insist that this is somehow some terrific showing for This Is It to know that the King of Pop's weekend opening still fell short of the mark posted by Hannah Montana  -- both times.