Wednesday, December 02, 2009



You know, 2009 has got to go down in history as the year for unbelievable news. This has been the year for news stories straight out of left field that you never thought you'd see, ever. Like all this Tiger Woods nonsense, for example. And how about this latest hot one: 

Meredith Baxter, the woman who played the squeaky-clean mom of Alex P. Keaton on Family Ties, is a lesbian. 

Let me repeat that, so that it may sink in. Meredith Baxter is a lesbian. She outed herself after a fun, rambunctious lesbian vacation on a cruise ship with hundreds of other ladies. AND to top it off, she's in a relationship with another woman. 

Wow. This is further proof the Apocalypse is around the corner, folks -- the people with the wholesome images and reputations are revealing themselves to be, uh, human? Not what we thought they were?! First Tiger Woods is outed as a cad who cheats on his wife, and now Meredith Baxter outs herself. Think about it - this isn't Ellen or Rosie we're talking about. Wrap your head around the thought that sweet, wholesome, straight-laced Meredith Baxter likes romancing the ladies.

Oh. My. God!! (I know, there's nothing wrong with it, but still -- it's Meredith Baxter. It's as if your own mom is announcing she's gay.) 

It's almost as if the former management at Weekly World News has taken over every news organization out there -- with yet another unbelievable news story like this one. And this comes after Tiger's meltdown, and after Oprah Winfrey quits her own show, and all these other stories. What could possibly top this? President Obama leaving his wife Michelle for another woman -- or, good heavens, another man?!

If you think that's beyond belief, keep in mind nobody thought we'd have a black man in the White House to begin with. Really, no news can shock me now.

Oh, and as an aside -- Michael Jackson is, indeed, still dead.

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