Friday, December 18, 2009


Word is out that Elin Nordegren Woods may have finally moved out and may indeed be divorcing her hilarious husband, Tiger Woods, what with all his ten or eleven mistresses or how many the heck it is.

Some people are glad to hear this divorce might actually be happening. A lot of people are fed up hearing these stories about these wives who stick it out with their cad husbands through thick and thin. Whatever happened to the idea of retribution? Some of these clowns these women are married to richly deserve a divorce; meanwhile a lot of other marriages have collapsed over far more trivial matters. I'm not a believer in rushing to divorce at the first sign of trouble, but when your man has multiple mistresses going on and tells one of them that the marriage is a sham and just for publicity purposes, then that's a far different story. It's high time these women showed some self-respect and got their courage up to show these guys the door.

It sure looks to me like Elin is fed up with the tabloid headlines and the craziness that is her marriage. There are reports flying she has some California lawyer looking to do a prenup-busting California-style 50-50 divorce, which would make her rich. Frankly, I wouldn't blame her for leaving. In fact, I think a lot of guys want to see her send Tiger to the cleaners. If there is one thing guys do NOT understand, it is why Tiger would cheat on Elin of all people to begin with. Besides, this is one more role model athlete who we built up, only to see him let the fans down with his own misbehavior. We sports fans look like fools for following sports and sports figures, again.

In honor of Tiger and his crumbling marriage I thought I would post this video from the group Steam -- fitting, because it's played at so many sporting events to serenade losing teams. You might call this song Elin's final serenade to Tiger. Sha na na na, na na na na, hey hey  hey, good bye!!!

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