Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Well, the police have given Tiger Woods a citation for careless driving, which means he gets a fine and four demerit points for his crashing-into-fire-hydrant antics in the middle of the night.

I'm sure there will be people, though, who will be frothing at the mouth. they will claim Tiger was let off easy because he is a celebrity and that the police should have arrested him and thrown him in jail. It never fails.

Also, there's even more stories out there about Tiger cheating on his wife. I don't even know whether to believe them or not. His alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel is still in total denial mode, claiming she didn't have an affair with Tiger. Meanwhile, people are claiming Tiger has an obligation to "come clean" and tell the whole story about what happened that fateful night -- as if we're all entitled to know.

Like heck does he have an obligation! He's not some public official, he's a golfer! If he wants to keep quiet and try and keep himself away from these wild animals who make up the US press corps, that's his business. Anyway, I'm starting to get tired of all these Tiger Woods stories swirling out there -- I beginning to wonder if they are even true, because it seems like there's a lot of speculation out there and not enough hard facts. Let the man deal with his own demons without any further help from the rest of us.