Monday, December 07, 2009


Welcome back to our live continuing coverage of the train wreck that is golfer Don Juan, uh, I mean Tiger Woods. His pathetic love life continues to eat up the news cycle, alongside all those stories about the non-environmentalists being so upset about the "global warming fraud" being perpetuated on the public up in Copenhagen.

When we last left off we were still counting the number of mistresses who were coming out of the woodwork. Well, according to the latest reports it is now ten mistresses and counting for Tiger Woods. One of them is claiming Tiger told her that his big marriage was all a fraud and a publicity stunt to boost his image. Another of the alleged mistresses is, get this, a porn star (!!!).
Well, now we know why Tiger hasn't won more tournaments, then. Too much of this running around. I guess all these women are coming forward now in hopes of cashing in and getting payouts from Tiger to hush up. I don't even know whether all these women are for real about their claims, though I'm sure most of them are telling the truth about this big phony goody-goody Tiger Woods. I mean really, Tiger -- if you're going to be a lothario, at least be honest and open about it.
I have a question. Has Paris Hilton ever had this kind of a love life, running around with guys? I highly doubt it. I think we owe Paris a big apology -- same for Carrie Prejean, Sarah Palin and these other folks who have been raked over the coals in the press lately for their antics. They all look like model citizens compared to Tiger Woods today. Tiger's antics take the cake.

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