Thursday, December 03, 2009


Today, I link you up to this article I wrote for the News-Optimist blog, which in turn links to a post Roger Ebert wrote on his blog about what's been going on behind the scenes at the TV show that he used to co-host, first with Gene Siskel and then with Richard Roeper. A small sample of what I wrote:
"Basically Ebert was updating everyone as to what was going on with the show and the people who used to be on it. He had plans to be involved with some new show with Roeper and with Christy Lemire (of the AP) which kind of fell apart. Apparently Roeper is going to be doing online reviews now and also some stuff for the Starz cable network in the States, and Ebert is still doing his print reviews for the Sun-Times. But I guess the main piece of news that came out of Ebert’s column was about what happened with the old classic set that Roeper and Ebert used to use — the famous “movie theater balcony” set. Apparently it was all ripped down and thrown in the trash. Just like that. Imagine, a famous set that people used to see on TV, and it’s simply thrown away."

For his part, Roeper's revamped site can be found at

Stay tuned as I write another Reject Report soon on this weekend's slim new offerings at the theaters.

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