Sunday, December 06, 2009


You know, the best part about December is the fact that on Sunday afternoons, the NFL is the only thing to worry about.

There's no more CFL action to get the attention of Canadian fans, so we aren't being distracted by that. Also, the NASCAR season is done -- they had their awards banquet on Friday in Vegas -- so there is no auto racing to worry about either until February, after the NFL is over.

As well, another Sunday distraction, the MLS season, is also over. But soccer is far from over: in fact, they had the World Cup draw on Friday. I guess there are still soccer games going on in the rest of the world today, in Europe, but due to the time zone differences most of the big games are over before the NFL comes on anyway.

This is all good. It means now I can focus my total rapt attention on the NATIONAL Football League in peace and quiet on Sunday afternoons, without any distractions.

Uh, wait a minute. Come to think of it, there are still plenty of distractions...

Darned cheerleaders.

Speaking of distractions: I need to run off, now. I must go cover a hockey game. I guess word hasn't gotten to them yet that Sundays in December belong to the National Football League.

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