Thursday, December 03, 2009



I'm sorry, but I can't wean myself from this embarrassing Tiger Woods cheating nonsense. I just find it really odd that so many of these big celebrities are cheating on their wives these days. Among other things, it's a good way to part with your money, as Tiger is rapidly finding out.

I gotta say, I don't feel too sorry for Elin Nordegren, the wife of Tiger Woods. Her husband may be a cad and a cheat, but there are advantages to being married to a cad and a cheat -- especially if he's filthy rich. Apparently the great Tiger has been paying everyone off for their silence. The latest rumor out there is that he's reworked the prenup with his angry wife so that she gets something like $60 million to stay in the marriage. I guess this is being offered so that he doesn't have to give $300 million to Elin in the divorce settlement, a real possibility right now.

In other news, it appears that Rachel Uchitel really was the woman who was the reason for the family fight the other night, as Elin found text messages between her and Tiger and supposedly reportedly freaked out over them. 

And Jesper Parnevik, who only set the happy married couple up, has been trashing Tiger, too, saying he's not the man he thought he was. Is he ever right. Obviously Parnevik needs to quit the matchmaking business and stick to golf, he's obviously better at that.

Here is my dumb question. Why the heck is Tiger Woods cheating on Elin to begin with? Forget the fact that it's a good way to lose your money in a divorce. Just look at her, she's a hot Swedish babe! And yet she isn't enough for this guy? What the heck is the deal, here?!

Is Tiger crazy? I guess so -- crazy about women.


Anonymous said...

Lol Tiger has to sleep with whores--he has all the money in the world, and the best lady he can find is a nanny model. That isnt too classy. Lots of hot wealthy women out there. He isnt a sex addict, he obviously cant handle anything but porn stars and waitresses...and the the nanny wife was even out of his reach! lol....Stick to golf, get divorced dude....a man has to know his limitations, and maybe now he does...get back to golf, get the plastic surgery scar and teeth fixed, and be a man and face the a girl! Not one man or woman out there respects him now....they did in the facade. But he ran away into his little rehab, marriage counseling hole, to heal and hide....Sounds like a golfer to me....they call that a sport! What real man plays it for a living! Lol Rich folks and ex real sports figures do it for fun! The rest of us for fun.....maybe he will start a Hooters golf tour and Blue Martini circiut. Met the guy! No fiber--fake as can be...but man what a golfer. Such a shame he never developed anything else as a person and society fell for it! Not surprised--just surprised it didnt happen sooner!

Connie Morton said...

In order to become fully mature adults, we have to go through all the stages of life in the right order. Tiger did not do this so he is regressing to do all these things that he did not get to do as younger man. His maturity will eventually catch up with him. I have seen this many times in my 74 years and no, I'm not completely mature, but hope to get close before I die. I wish him the best in the future.

Anonymous said...

Why did Tiger cheat? Just look at him.. he is one ugly man no matter how expensive his clothes, no matter how great of a golfer he is, no matter how much money he has in the bank. The fact is at the end of the day he has to look in the mirror and see that miss-matched set of genes he has. Sooo he goes out and hits on women, the bounces on them a few times (thinking that will make him feel good), but darn at the end of the day... he is still that same ugly guy.

Yes it is called sex addicion.. using sex to feel good.