Thursday, December 03, 2009


Well, the NFL is back for another game in Toronto and no one really cares.
Why should they?! It's the mediocre New York Jets and the stinking bad Buffalo Bills, and based on this report in Buffalo there's not much in the way of excitement for this game in Toronto. They don't even allow much tailgating at the Rogers Centre, either. And yet the ticket prices are even worse in Toronto than they are everywhere else in the NATIONAL Football League. Not only are you better off financially just driving across the border to Buffalo -- you'll probably have a better time.

I think there's a larger reason for the apparent lack of excitement. I think people in Toronto are just totally jaded about sports. So many of the pro teams in Toronto -- all of them, actually -- are losers who don't get in the playoffs. And the Bills, who host this whole Bills-in-Toronto series, are just one more losing team to go along with the rest of them in Losertown, Ontario.

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