Friday, December 18, 2009


THE CAIRNS BLOG resumes our live coverage of girls with some news about gorgeous reality TV star and all-around hot babe Jaime Edmondson.

Jaime, of course, is a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader who, together with her Dolphins cheerleader pal Cara Rosenthal, competed in season 14 of The Amazing Race. On the show, Jaime established herself as the "villain" of the season with her snarky remarks about just about everywhere she travelled.

Well, the sexy redhead caught the attention of the folks over at Playboy, who were taken by the statuesque, athletic, long-haired Floridian. As a result Jaime is now Playboy's Miss January 2010. Way to go, Jaime! (Photo credit: Playboy.)
As a result of her Playmate gig, Jaime's ended up on yet another reality TV show: the new season of The Girls Next Door starring the three new girlfriends. I thought Jaime really stood out in her cameo on the show compared to the other Playmates. The other Playmates were definitely fun and adorable girls, but Jaime was a woman. She just seemed so confident and mature. I think the fact that she's a little older than the average Playmate really sets her apart in the way she carries herself. I also love the fact that she's that rare combination: an NFL cheerleader who's a Playmate!

She may not be done with reality TV yet: word is she wants to compete on Survivor. We'll see. Maybe she'll eventually compete on The Celebrity Apprentice, which like Survivor has a long history of featuring beautiful Playboy women as contestants on the show..

I am going to link you to a couple of articles about Jaime here and here. Also, here's a YouTube clip I found of Jaime when she was shooting the Miami Dolphins swimsuit calendar. The audio is a little out of synch, but the video is definitely fun to look at. If she looked this good when she did her big Playmate shoot for the centerfold, she'll have nothing to worry about. Enjoy, guys!

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