Friday, November 27, 2009


Well, it's official: the world dies in 2012. Too much bizarre stuff is happening in the world right now.

First: Al Roker writes a book about murdering the executive producer of your TV morning show. Scary stuff; I'd hate to be Al Roker's EP right now.

Next was the strange case of that reality TV couple that crashed that big White House function the other day. Which makes you wonder -- if they can crash the White House, who else could?!

Third, Dubai is under water financially and people are worried it'll bring the whole world economy down, again, too. Well, great. We're just exiting one recession and now we're going to be plunging head-first into another one whether we want it or not.   

Finally, Tiger Woods injures himself in a bizarre auto accident in the wee hours. And they say charges will be laid!! I'm going: "what the hey?" This is the kind of stuff worthy of some third-rate basketball or baseball player, not Tiger Woods.

All I have to say is -- be ready for 2012, folks. These are all signs of the coming doom of the human race.

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