Saturday, November 28, 2009


Well, it sure sounds as if a big fight in the Tiger Woods household was the big precursor to Tiger's big early morning car accident the other day.
Leave it to our good friends over at TMZ to dig up the dirt on the big Tiger Woods car crash fiasco. According to them, the scratches on Tiger's face were caused not by the car accident, but by his wife over allegations that he had been cheating on her!!  (Oh no -- not another one!!)

Also, here's another story on the police investigation which Tiger doesn't seem to be in a hurry to cooperate with.

Also, the woman alleged to by Tiger's mistress is getting ready to sue the National Enquirer over the allegation and has given a call to, surprise surprise, Gloria Allred.

Why am I not surprised?? If it's a celebrity in trouble, you can count on two things: both Harvey Levin and Gloria Allred will be involved in making cash off of it some way.

Expect more details soon - hopefully we'll get to the bottom of this strange, strange story.


Samantha Laury said...

hopefully Tiger gets better soon.. the golf world needs him

Elin said...

For years Tiger Woods has been the sporting ideal – the clean-cut golf genius, the family guy, the kind of man you want to take out for a beer… But now in just the space of a week, his image has totally changed. Tiger had a car crash, a mysterious one that he won't talk about and he uncharacteristically pulled out of his own tournament. This kind of publicity is rare for Tiger, and that's why we like it.

Since the accident, sports blogs have been going crazy with comments about Tiger Woods, some negative, most still positive. There were hundreds of comments posted to CNN's World Sports Blog, some angry and some saying 'what's all the fuss?' This sports blog is one of the top listed in . In many ways, Tiger's demise is good for sports blogs. Firstly it gives them something to write about and it creates traffic – in fact, Tiger Woods is now more talked-about online than the war in Afghanistan.

Carol said...

Interesting. It still baffles me how exactly the accident happened.