Monday, November 02, 2009


Here's a memo to Jay Leno: don't talk to the press.

What these entertainment reporters do is goad you into answering one of their hatchet-job questions and they then take your words out of context and make a story out of it. What they usually do is ask a bunch of inane and boring questions about how well the show is going and so on, before finally springing the question on you they really, really want to ask.  

Like, for example, "would you go back to Tonight?!" "Uh, okay."

As a result, you get stories like this: "Jay Leno Wouldn't Mind Returning to the Tonight Show." So the 10 pm experiment looks like a loser, Jay Leno looks like a loser, and Conan O'Brien looks like an even bigger loser because it looks like Jay is after his job. Worse yet for Jay and Conan, NBC executives read this stuff and start to get ideas that maybe, just maybe, this is exactly what they ought to do. In the end everyone loses - except for the reporter who got his freaking story and big headline associated with it.

The media. Nothing but troublemakers, I'll tell you.

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