Wednesday, November 25, 2009


And god bless the NFL because we have three games Thursday, including the Packers at the Lions, Giants at Broncos, and the Cowboys host the Raiders.

Too bad the Raiders are such a stinking team these days, but that's life. (I like putting up pictures of the Cowboys cheerleaders at Thanksgiving -- they're sooooo cute.)

I notice there are some idiots who think maybe they should just do away with the Cowboys and Lions always playing on Thanksgiving. You know, do away with tradition. I think that's a terrible idea -- tradition is one of the great things about sports. Besides, we know Thanksgiving is the only day of the year when we see the Detroit Lions on TV and see how crappy their team is, because they won't be on the tube any other time for that reason alone.

Hey, what a great week for football, eh? We've got the NFL on Thursday, college games on Friday and Saturday, and the CFL Grey Cup on Sunday.

And I have no meetings scheduled for Monday, so I can watch the NFL, too. Now, if only I can get over this bug I've got that has me stuck at home right now, life would be good. (So don't expect too many posts from me for a bit.)

Oh, my Reject Report Thanksgiving movie predictions are up. And did you hear that Donny Osmond won Dancing With the Stars?

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