Thursday, November 12, 2009


Well, I just wanted to inform the readers of this blog of the news that yes, indeed, I still like the ladies. Now a warning to parents: the following post contains the use of strong language. Viewer discretion advised -- as I am about to do a very rare post in which I use the "F" word uncensored. ("The F word uncensored! Oh my God!")

There are "babes", and on a higher level there are "hot fucking babes." Olivia Munn is a hot fucking babe. Geeks out there instantly know her as the co-host of Attack of the Show! on G4TechTV. In fact, she is insanely popular among the geeks. Millions of geeks and nerds worship this bikini-babe and consider her a goddess -- just as millions of fanboys worship Megan Fox. As somewhat of a "geek" myself I feel justified in my use of the "F" word to describe Olivia's hotness and the extent of her appeal to the geek crowd. The geeks all love her, what can I say?

She's also quite a worldly individual, having lived a considerable amount of her life in Japan. No wonder she is so popular with the geeks, living in a place like that! Japan is definitely geek heaven. Also, she got her journalism degree from Oklahoma University in her home state. I consider Oklahoma to be basically the Saskatchewan of the USA because the place is both flat and football-mad. Just like my home province.

I'm sure there are some techno-savvy Future Shop employees out there interested in this woman -- what a gorgeous hottie. To be honest, though, the real reason I am posting this is because I am bored right out of my skull and going absolutely crazy looking for some way to liven up the day, and this picture just so happens to be the main highlight of my week. Life here is dull, dull, dull.

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If you like Olivia check out the video she just did for her new magazine: