Saturday, November 28, 2009


The reports this week about the $3.9 million financial drubbing taken by the Rexall Edmonton Indy in 2009 do not bode well for the future of the race, I am sorry to say. The race is still scheduled to go forward in 2010 but after that, I have to say I have doubts.
The main problem is that it's the city of Edmonton and the taxpayers who are left holding the bag for the race at the end of the day. Frankly, that isn't acceptable, and much as I love going up to Edmonton to see the race there I wouldn't blame the city if they decided to pull out.

The question I have is: is there anyone out there who might be prepared to make this race viable?? Seems to me there is no one prepared to step up to the plate any time soon to possibly save the race. It's too bad. If the event does eventually bite the dust, though, I sure hope people won't point fingers at the fans and say "well, racing will never work in Edmonton because they just don't like auto racing." That would be bee ess, because the fan support has been solid for this event. It's just that the money isn't there to keep it running at a profit. It's a crying shame.

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