Tuesday, November 10, 2009


In the "useless news" file this week THE CAIRNS BLOG is pleased to serve up yet another update of the happenings of that lunatic conservative anti-gay-marriage beauty queen, Carrie Prejean.

Well, she sure doesn't seem too sane, does she?? And it's not because of her stance on same-sex marriage that I question her sanity -- it's all the other crazy stuff surrounding this woman.

Last we heard from her, she was suing the Miss California pageant over being fired. Well, turns out she dropped the lawsuit over some pretty incriminating evidence the pageant had against our friend Miss Carrie -- like the fact that she made a sex tape for her boyfriend, where she, uh, has sex with herself.

So this was for her boyfriend, eh?! Some boyfriend he was, because he sure didn't keep his mouth shut about this tape. As for Carrie and yet another one of her youthful indiscretions, I wonder what all the religious right-type people are saying now -- these ones who were all going "woo hoo!" and  "you go, girl!" when Carrie opened her big mouth at the Miss USA pageant on gay marriage? How do they explain this away?

Anyway, Carrie is in trouble again. It never fails. To me, something about Carrie just doesn't seem right -- she doesn't seem too genuine a person to me. She makes herself out as this big Christian goody-goody while at the same time she poses for topless photos and makes sex videos of herself. At least when Pam Anderson does that sort of thing she's at least honest about the fact that she's no angel. But Carrie still wants to portray herself as this sweet thing.

I just hate that two-faced attitude, and that's why I think Carrie Prejean is just bad, bad news. She may be a gorgeous babe, but if I were her current boyfriend I'd run for the hills.

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