Monday, November 16, 2009


What's with all the networks suddenly reviving old TV series? V?! The Prisoner?! Hawaii Five-O?! I guess the folks in charge of the TV networks want to harken back to the good old days of TV. I don't blame them, frankly -- everything was better back then. You didn't even need to pay a cable company for your TV watching back then, for one thing.

Anyway, people over at ABC, fresh off the success of that sci-fi revival of V, are now talking up a TV revival of Charlie's Angels. And the big question of course is, who should be in the cast? The original cast - Farrah, Kate, Jaclyn -- really hasn't been topped yet (with due respect to the excellent Cheryl Ladd).

We all know who was in the movie: Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz. From what I gather Barrymore is behind this latest revival for TV. But if the movie cast aren't available (and I doubt they are anyway), who should do it?

I have a couple of suggestions -- Natasha Henstridge and Tricia Helfer. Hey, these Angels on the TV show were sexy kickass women. (Am I allowed to use the word "kickass" in a blog?) I'll say this for Natasha and Tricia, they're sexy and kickass girls who'd be great Charlie's Angels based on the other kickass roles they've had for TV (Natasha in She Spies, Tricia in Battlestar Galactica etc.) .

I know what you're thinking -- count on me to suggest my favorite woman Tricia Helfer for yet another part. But I actually think she'd be great. In fact, didn't Tricia once play Farrah on a TV movie at one point in time, some movie about the making of Charlie's Angels? Yes, she did.

My worry, though, is that instead of taking my inspired suggestions, these folks in charge over there at the network will probably take the easy way out and go with Elisa Dushku or some other oft-cancelled series actress from another show. That would be a sure-fire way to turn the revival of Charlie's Angels into another Knight Rider-style wreck. In fact, the guy behind Sarah Connor Chronicles is apparently on board with this production, too, and we all know how that series turned out. 

I wonder who's going to be the voice for Charlie? Chris Tucker?! (Now, that would be a riot.)

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