Thursday, November 19, 2009


Well, Sarah Palin continues her "victory tour" promoting her new book Going Rogue. The former Alaska governor and one-time Vice-Presidential candidate, so beloved by her die-hard conservative fans in the Republican Party, has hopped from talk show to talk show to spout off about the issues of the day. Really, that's all the news this week.

I really wonder about whether Sarah Palin is really good for the Republican Party. In fact it seems like the whole conservative movement has been taken over by the nutty people lately -- like (ugh) Glenn Beck. Or (gag!) Carrie Prejean. How about that Rush Limbaugh?

Although, to be honest, I like Limbaugh. He comes off as sane compared to these other lunatics in the movement who are going on and on about gay marriage, abortion, immigration and other issues I really couldn't get excited about.

I don't so much have a problem with Palin's policies. It's the way she's spouted off about everything, whether it be David Letterman or anything else, that I have a problem with. And this whole business of quitting as governor so you can cash in on a book deal just strikes me as selfish and not exactly civic-minded. She just seems to be out for herself.

I sort of pine for the days when the conservative movement in the USA had some class at the top of it -- you know, people like William F. Buckley. You had people leading the movement of the calibre of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan. You can agree or disagree with what they stood for but at least they were rock-solid individuals who stood for the public good. Nowadays, though, it just seems like the whole conservative movement in the USA is turning into a big sideshow, dominated by these loudmouths in the media. And they're making the entire movement look bush league and mean-spirited.

Honestly, I hope the Republicans stay far away from this woman when it comes time to nominating a candidate for President in 2012 (there's that year again). Sarah Palin is just a lightning rod stirring up enough trouble with her big mouth. But these primaries being what they are, anything can happen. Nominating Palin would be an excellent way for the party to lose the next presidential election by a big margin.

Yes, I don't sound like much of a conservative today. I do, however, sound like a disgruntled fan of a losing team. That is exactly what the Republicans are threatening to turn themselves into: the Buffalo Bills of politics.

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Pat Young said...

Palin has pretty leftist views on immigration: