Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Well, lately I have not had much time to do much of my beloved TV watching. One of these days, I will go back to watching TV. But it's hard. When you get on the old job treadmill it can get really hard to get off it and focus on the real priorities of life, like your favorite TV shows.

Among other things, I've been busy the last couple of nights, so I have had to make do more and more by recording episodes and watching them later. That is how I watched the How I Met Your Mother episode in which Aunt Robin thought about becoming an American citizen. The episode featured Robin and Barney ending up in Toronto at a Tim Hortons. Good stuff. Reminds me a little bit of what they did on The Office when they sent Michael off to Winnipeg. This sitcom stuff, with characters off to Canada all the time, makes you feel extremely proud to be a Canadian.

I have not been watching Californication lately, due to a lack of access to the show on my cable system. I understand a lot of people are hating the new season and declaring it to be a terrible show. Which is too bad, because I liked it when it first came on. (Or more accurately, I liked the one episode Paula Marshall was in.) Here's a post over at Dead Things on Sticks basically  ripping the show to shreds.


At the same site are thoughts on the continuing war between the cable companies and the TV networks over fees for carriage, with a view that neither side is doing very much about saving what's really important: TV drama and comedy.

The thing that kind of gets me is that the two sides in this whole dispute are getting all political about it and are flooding the TV screens with ads spewing their opposing views on the whole fees-for-carrriage issue, with the networks claiming they want to save local TV while the cable companies are ripping the networks for essentially proposing a TV tax, lifting money made by the cable companies. All I have to say is the viewers are being lost in the shuffle totally here, and are going to end up big losers either way.

I think all these Canadian TV people need to do is create more hits, like Dragon's Den. It is getting to be so popular it may soon be the top-rated show on the entire CBC -- including Hockey Night in Canada.


On to the reality show beat now: here's a post from Lee Goldberg on The World's Dumbest Reality Show Winners, talking about these bozos who appear on Reality TV and how warped they are in real life. I didn't know this before but apparently this "Balloon Boy" dad, Richard Heene, appeared on Wife Swap. I have an idea for a different reality show for him: Dad Swap. Because this "dad" is an idiot.


I have nothing further to say about David Letterman, although I understand that Dave's wife is so furious that she may well divorce him. I read that in the tabloids. And I guess the folks at the National Organization for Women want him sued. He really does need a lawyer.  

Like I say, I wish I had more time these days to devote to some serious TV watching, but I've been too preoccupied lately by other commitments. Now I'm tired and ready to hit the sack, so you can bet I won't be watching any TV tonight, either.

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you should just download the new episodes

i like the new season