Saturday, October 10, 2009


Been following the news about the early pickups and cancellations of this TV season, with some shows like Cougar Town, Modern Family and Glee already getting picked up for the entire season. Other shows, however, are getting the shaft, and one show in particular got shafted bigtime this week.

In the most controversial cancellation so far this year NBC has axed Southland, which saw seven episodes aired earlier this year and got some good reviews from a few people. So much for those, it is now cancelled. The showrunner John Wells wants to shop this show around to other nets or to cable to try and keep it going: good luck with that. Fingers are being pointed squarely at Jay Leno and his piece of junk primetime show for shrinking the prime time real estate on NBC and making it less possible for pricey dramatic series to get on the air there. What's doubly sad is that Jay isn't getting an audience either right now, yet they keep his piece of junk on while scripted series get little chance to avoid the boot. This is the reason why Hollywood writers all hate Jay Leno and hate his show - because people think his show is costing writers their jobs.
Anyway, the outrage from the fans has started on Twitter, but fat chance that NBC will respond. That's the problem with TV right now -- few of these networks seem interested in giving viewers what they want to see. No wonder NBC is in the trouble it's in, folks, because they care only about the bottom line and not about the audience.

(Hey, what do you expect me to say? I happen to be pro-screenwriter around here.)


Chris Mosby said...

Drawing a line in the sand to save Southland!

Anonymous said...

It's official. TNT picks up Southland

Anonymous said...

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