Thursday, October 08, 2009


I have some exciting news to announce. As of today, my online presence on the World Wide Web has expanded with the addition of a new blog penned by myself. It is going to be part of the group blog of the award-winning Battlefords News Optimist and Regional Optimist newspapers, and my first post was today.

That's the good news. And now for the bad news:
My posts at the new blog aren't going to be the least bit interesting to readers of THE CAIRNS BLOG, and especially not for all you movie-obsessed readers of THE REJECT REPORT over at I'd like you to check out the new blog, it's a lively site that will get better in the months to come, it could use a few hits, but I know convincing you to read it is going to be futile. Why even bother trying?

I will be writing about local news, mainly political and civic stuff as befitting my role as the political and municipal affairs reporter for the Optimist newspapers. My first post is on the municipal election race in this area, which might interest some of the locals around here. But it's not something you pop-culture-obsessed regular CAIRNS BLOG readers are likely to care about in the least, so I give up already.

On the flip side, regular readers of the News-Optimist and Regional Optimist will generally want nothing to do with THE CAIRNS BLOG or even THE REJECT REPORT. In fact, regular readers of the papers should be warned up front: this blog, THE CAIRNS BLOG, is completely self-indulgent. It tends to focus on entertainment, the media, TV, movies, as well as a regular roundup of news happenings around the world in my regular feature "News from Nowhere". There's also sports rants including more posts about auto racing than usual. Also, the blog is, ahem, a little girl-obsessed, so be ready for too many posts about beauty pageants and the semi-regular feature "Women I Love" saluting female celebrities.

So if you are a civic-minded News-Optimist reader checking out THE CAIRNS BLOG hoping to read about your important local issues here, be ready to be disappointed. Know in advance this site is completely different from what you'll get in the paper. Heck, it has to be different, it's my own site! I feel the need to point out again that my blog is completely independent and has nothing to do with the Optimist papers or its owners -- just as it is independent of what I do at Moreover, I make a point here at the blog of not putting up any posts that might compete with the local news in the paper. As a result, you won't find much local stuff at all here -- and don't expect me to start. Heck, there's a place you can find my writings about local stuff. It's the News-Optimist blog, and when you get tired of reading that, pick up the Optimist papers and support the advertisers.

The message I want to send out at the end of the day is this: you now have one more outlet on the Web, a local outlet, in which to read the stuff I write about on a regular basis.You'll find a permanent link to those other rants right on the side blogroll near the top.

Again -- for my posts on hot topics involving local news in northwest Saskatchewan, check me out at the News-Optimist blog every Thursday for my latest over there! For all my latest columns on the motion picture box office, check out Film School and the REJECT REPORT! And for all the rest of my self-indulgent rants, keep it right here at THE CAIRNS BLOG as we continue to bring you all the latest!

Speaking of which -- tonight's the night I file another REJECT REPORT. It should be easy, as there's only one wide release this week: the god-awful-looking Couples Retreat.

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