Sunday, October 18, 2009


Do you get the impression that Americans are just nuts?! A lot of them seem to be -- and they get to be on TV.

Last Thursday the big "Balloon Boy" incident involving that kid Falcon Heene took over the cable news channels -- or at least, CNN. You know what it was about -- it was about that kid in Colorado who went missing while this weather balloon believed to be carrying him was launched. All the authorities were looking for the missing kid, who turned up, safe and sound, in the family's attic.

Well, it turns out the Heene family may have staged this entire stunt to get themselves a big reality show TV deal! So Wolf Blitzer, Larry King and everyone else at CNN have egg on their faces for covering this apparent total stunt. Now it looks like criminal charges will be laid for all kinds of things, including conspiracy and contributing to the deliquency of a minor.

No doubt about it, this was all designed by these people to get rich. In fact, just before the hoax was exposed the Heene family were apparently fielding offers from these big Hollywood agencies for representation!  I chalk this whole thing up to the whole "Jon & Kate Plus Eight" syndrome. Everyone wants to be the next Jon and Kate, because that will mean they become rich and famous. Even though these two idiots are going through a gong-show separation, their fame and their riches are still preferable to the anonymity most people have in their boring, cash-strapped non-lives.

That's why you see these sorts of desperate attempts to get famous. No doubt, this won't be the last. America -- land of the free and home of the reality TV star.

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