Sunday, October 25, 2009


As you can tell from the illustration at right, it is time for me to, surprise surprise, do a post on happenings in Saskatchewan.

Oct. 28 is municipal election day in Saskatchewan and I will be busy covering the election.
Just not here.

Instead, I will now post here a link to my online posts on the election in the Northwest region, of which full results will appear, oh, I dunno, the day after on the 29th at that site. I will be too busy to be bothered to blog on Wednesday night. In fact, fat chance I will be doing much blogging of any kind this week.

So there will be NO coverage at THE CAIRNS BLOG of the Saskatchewan vote beyond this post, even though I devoted plenty of time to Ontario election coverage in 2006. This blog, though, has gone in the tank since then as far as political coverage is concerned. As I said, there is another place for me to rant and rave, so feel free to go over there.

As for the other cities in the province, the Star-Phoenix has this election page on the race in Saskatoon and the Leader-Post has this look at Regina. Also, CKOM will have election results here, and here's a link to the CBC Saskatchewan municipal election page. Folks interested in the Moose Jaw race can go here, and the Prince Albert race results will be here. And for news about what's going on in the Estevan race, you can go here.

From the looks of it, though, the races in the two major cities are big-time snoozefests and it seems to me like the news organizations in this province are having real trouble trying to stay awake and look interested in these non-races going on in the province. In fact, three council incumbents in Saskatoon won re-election by acclaim! Honestly, these papers are more interested in CFL football than they are with the election -- they aren't the only ones. Municipal elections may be important, but let's be honest: the Saskatchewan Roughriders are far more important to people and far less boring, especially the last couple of weeks.

The illustration is a poster for the movie Saskatchewan starring Alan Ladd and Shelley Winters --and as you can tell, the movie is no good because they got the mountainous scenery totally wrong. Everyone knows Saskatchewan is completely flat.

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