Saturday, October 10, 2009


Back to my coverage of the magazine beat this week with another one of my semi-regular posts about the continuing men's magazine wars in the USA. This week, I have nothing to say at all about Maxim, which continues to lurch with one boring effort after another. I think Audrina Patridge is on the cover this month. Who cares!!?
Instead, I'm going to mention what the desperate folks at Playboy have done with -- or rather, to -- their upcoming November issue.
They've finally got a big A-list celebrity to pose for their cover.Who is it, you ask? Megan Fox? Lindsay Lohan? That hot cougar Courteney Cox? Uh, no.
Instead, they got -- not even a live human being. They got a cartoon. Marge Simpson.

O. M. G. See, I told you Playboy was desperate.

Okay, now it's my turn to snark. First of all, this is a stale idea to begin with, ripped off from something Maxim did on the cover years ago. They also put Marge Simpson on their cover and gave her a layout, and it was truly a "jump-the-shark" moment for Maxim that they never recovered from. I mean, look at that rag now, they are in the sink!

But my objection isn't so much that this is a ripoff of Maxim, or even the fact that it's a cartoon character on the cover of Playboy. My objection is that Playboy is lowering their standards. If they are going to put a cartoon character on the cover, for God's sake, then put on there somebody that's genuinely hot, dammit!!

(Pictured: the lovely girl-next-door, Erin Esurance.)

(Actually, I'm just kidding around. To be honest, I think this whole Marge Simpson Playboy cover idea is hilarious. There may be hope for that rag yet.)

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