Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Well, I'm reading about more bad layoff news at the Times - both of them. Over 100 layoffs at the New York Times. Layoffs yet again also at the LA Times. Nikki Finke says entertainment coverage looks like it is not getting hit quite as hard as it once was, but I don't imagine these folks are in the mood to add anyone to their ranks, either.

And the trade papers like Variety and the Hollywood Reporter are in such bad shape that it's a wonder they're even open, because nobody seems to be buying the ads for them. So if that's the reality, and I'm shut out completely from doing that sort of entertainment coverage for a living, then what's the point of me still being in print journalism? I'm about to hit my two-year anniversary as a hard-news print reporter, a career path I fell into because I couldn't get into the job I really felt I'd be good at doing in the media to begin with, whether it's sports or entertainment. I probably know more useless TV trivia than most of my neighbors and wouldn't mind putting it all to good use covering the TV beat somewhere, yet here I am covering the news. I like doing this blog, but you don't need to be a print news reporter to do a blog. In fact, you can be a screenwriter and still be able to do a blog, too. And my blog is more about entertainment anyway, so what's the point?

What point is there to keeping a career in reporting going if there's no hope of living it up in Cannes or even covering a World Series? Good question -- to which I am struggling to find a good answer.

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