Friday, October 02, 2009



Well, here's a link to a story on Chicago's 2016 Olympic bid, which was considered to be a frontrunner to land the Olympics for that year (along with Janeiro.) President Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan and all these bigshots were lobbying for Chicago to secure its victory.

And they not only lost, they were eliminated in the first round!!! Wow, that is a shock. Even when Toronto was making their bids for the Olympics they never suffered such a humiliating fate. It's tough when you do all that work to land the Olympics and it all counts for nothing, but all that work right down the tubes in round one? Now, that is sad.

By the way, it's official now -- the games are going to Rio in 2016.Rio! Rio de Janeiro! "The Girl from Ipanema!" One of my favorite countries gets the games. Well, that's good. It's good for South Americans to feel they are part of the planet, too.

UPDATE: Noticing the reaction from a lot of the media whose headlines imply that this wasn't so much a defeat for Chicago but a defeat for Obama. After all, he went to Copenhagen to personally try and seal the deal for the Windy City. So much for his supposed popularity abroad. Seems there's only so much President "Messiah" can do, but walking on water ain't one of them. Drudge's big headline was "The Ego has Landed" -- and he has. He's got to eat his share of humble pie over this one, that's for sure.

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