Saturday, October 03, 2009


I thought I would provide another News from Nowhere post with some links to the news of what is really going on in the world.

Well, the revelations are coming fast and furious in the bizarre Dave Letterman "extortion" saga. It seems the name of one of Dave's staffer-ex-lovers has emerged. Turns out it's Stephanie Birkitt, who folks who regularly tune in to the Dave show will recognize as someone who appeared on the show several times earlier this decade. And it turns out Birkitt used to live with the guy who was the extortionist now charged with grand larceny!!!
Well, Dave, you really are an old goat. It's funny watching the reaction from people to this. People are jumping the gun and saying this is terrible and sexual harassment, and calling for Stephanie to sue Dave -- but wasn't this a consensual thing? If it was, this is the biggest non-story of all time. As I said, I point to Bill "Bubba" Clinton and what didn't happen to him in the end. Plus, I remember when Bob Barker got in trouble over the sexual-harassment accusations hurled at him, and those were even worse allegations. Barker did the same thing Letterman did -- he came clean right away and said he had been sleeping with Dian Parkinson! And that it was all consensual! If Barker could survive that flap, Letterman can survive this. Fat chance he will lose his show over the "extortion scandal".

In other news, it was a big week for news about creepy incidents involving famous TV people. Seems there was a break in the infamous Erin Andrews peephole case this week. That awful man who videotaped the ESPN sportscaster naked in her hotel room through a peephole in her door was arrested by the FBI. Good, I hope the book is thrown at him, and I also hope Erin sues him for millions of dollars.

In other creepy stories, here's the latest on Roman Polanski.

And Chicago is still reeling in shock over not getting the Olympics, and nobody can believe it because of this great confidence everyone had in Barack Obama's ability to woo an international audience and seal the deal. So much for that: as Matt Drudge said, the ego has landed. Here's what local TV viewers of WGN in Chicago saw when their 2016 Olympic bid went straight down the tubes. Suffice it to say the local anchors were in a state of shock.

And that is it for now.

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