Friday, October 09, 2009


The overwhelming opinion on the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to President Barack Obama is of the "WTF" variety. As in: what the heck did he do to deserve this? Isn't this premature? He hasn't done a darn thing yet! One aide actually wondered if it was April Fools Day. That's been the typical reaction: people think this is some sort of joke.

It is kind of odd that the Nobel people would award the peace prize to a guy who wasn't even able to keep the peace at all those town hall meetings on health care all over the USA this year. Yet they ignore that, and give him the award anyway -- just because he's Obama, the "World's President". Really, Obama talks a good game on mending fences and so on, but what has he really done of substance to bring about peace in the world?
Oh, I forgot -- he replaced Bush. I guess that's his big accomplishment.
My thinking, though, is that the award of the Peace Prize to Obama has got to be REALLY bad news. Is the world so hard-up for peacemakers that the Nobel committee couldn't come up with anyone better to give the Peace Prize to? I guess not, eh??
If Obama can win this award, you really have to think the door is open to anyone to win this thing on a whim. Who will the Nobel folks give this prize to next? Carla Bruni-Sarkozy? Oprah Winfrey? Wayne Gretzky? Really, if Obama is really the guy most deserving of the Nobel Prize then this entire world is in big trouble as far as peace is concerned.

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