Friday, October 02, 2009


I thought I would link up with an amusing news article I read recently about the famous supermodel Angie Everhart and her relationship to Prince Andrew of England.
Man, you can tell why these uptight Brit newspaper editors would run an article like this. They want the other uptight people who read their freaking papers to get all shocked and offended over the fact that Prince Andrew likes Angie Everhart. "That Prince Andrew -- what a cad!!! He made a list of girls he wanted to meet, and he digs redheads!" Get over yourselves, you fools. Guys like gorgeous women, it's a fact of life.

And girls like hot guys, so let Angie enjoy herself, too, while we're on the subject. It's as if these news people want people to wallow in misery and be miserable. Leave these two alone.

Geez!! It reminds me of the reaction when French president Nicolas Sarkozy married Carla Bruni. Folks had a cow over that, too, but why? They fell in love, dammit, and that ought to be respected! People really do need to get some lives. Besides, I think the fact that he likes Angie raises Prince Andrew up a notch. It shows he has excellent taste in classy, beautiful women. Heck, if I made a list of women I wanted to meet Angie would be on it, too, because I think she's a babe!!! She's a cool woman who likes cool things -- like, running around with the royals occasionally! So quit grouching and sniping about it. Angie is who she is, and she's the greatest.

I also like the fact that while Angie may hang with the royals and other famous people, the fact is she is so down to earth in real life. She seems to still have those Midwestern values about her, still, and she seems approachable and not a diva. She lives within her means and she's devoted to being a good mom, and that's great. As a bonus, she hasn't been afraid to show off that wicked body and her great legs, and that trademark red hair has set her apart from all the other great supermodels.
Best of all, it's obvious she likes guys and loves being around guys.I think guys really dig that. You rarely hear guys -- ones with sense, anyway -- say any bad things about Angie Everhart and the reason for that is because they know she is as cool as she is hot.

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