Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Welcome back to another Women I Love post, and I'll bet you never thought I'd write up a piece declaring my love for Charlize Theron, but this is it.

Actually, this blog owes her a big apology for not being so madly in love with her before and for saying bad things about her sex appeal, and so on. But she really is a classy babe, and class seems to be something seriously lacking in the entertainment world these days. I mean, look at Kanye West on the weekend -- what a fool. So I figure I might as well salute a fine actress who just oozes class, and that's her.

To make a long story short -- I happened to record not just the first Jay Leno Show last night (what a boring first show... zzzz) but also the entire NBC late night lineup for that historic evening. I noticed Conan O'Brien had Charlize as a guest. She was promoting her new movie The Burning Plain.

And you know, I had kind of raked Esquire magazine over the coals for naming Charlize the Sexiest Woman Alive a while ago -- but I saw Charlize on the Conan show, and boy she looked hot. Whoever did her hair and wardrobe really rocked it, because Charlize really looked like a million bucks. She looked like a total guy magnet on the show in that slinky dress she was wearing.

What a hot, f*cking babe she is, folks!! I totally eat my hat about my Esquire rant -- although I must confess I still like Marisa Miller and still think she's sexy as hell. But watching the Conan show, I guess I kind of got reminded why I like Charlize Theron, too. She seems like a really nice, down to earth person -- not some total diva. It also reminds me of the time I first fell in love with her on the big screen.

I remember the first Charlize Theron movie I ever saw. It was 2 Days in the Valley and it featured Charlize in her first really prominent role. I saw the promos and I figured I just had to see this movie, just because the slinky blonde chick in the trailer was soooooooo hot.

Charlize made quite an impression on me. Based on that flick I thought this woman would definitely go far in the movie business. And she did.

I guess maybe over the years she kind of got overexposed appearing in one movie after another, and I kinda started taking her for granted. I guess what I am really saying is that I've been in and out of love with this blonde South African movie goddess for years, and now I'm back to being in love again.

The Charlize Theron rollercoaster ride continues. Whatever it is I think of her, I know this: she is definitely the classiest sexy woman alive.

(I definitely need to get my mind off of women, and soon.)

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