Thursday, September 24, 2009


I don't usually blow my own horn here at THE CAIRNS BLOG, but I thought just this once I would.

Last week the Optimist newspapers that I write and report for in northwest Saskatchewan cleaned up at the Saskatchewan Weekly Newspaper Awards. We took home first place in seven categories including Best Recreational Story or Series of Stories -- which was the category that I and four others shared top prize in for our series on the North Battleford skatepark. My own contribution to that series was coverage of the grand opening as well as some of the city council discussions about it that went on. Award-winning photographer Josh Schaefer has the complete rundown of all the awards at his web site.

When we went to the awards banquet we took along a cutout photo of one of our former sports guys holding the Grey Cup. That's basically what it was like -- it was like winning the Grey Cup.
I don't usually mention the stories I do for the Optimist here at the blog because, quite frankly, I don't want this blog to compete with the News-Optimist or Regional Optimist. Basically, if you live in the Northwest region and want to read my local news stuff, I want you to read the paper and support the advertisers.

As for my own online presence -- basically, it has nothing to do with local news whatsoever and it's been that way for a long time. For my rants on movies, is the place to go for the Reject Report. And then there's this blog, which is totally self-indulgent and aiming for a broader audience anyway. The subject matter here generally has nothing to do with the News-Optimist or the Battlefords, or even Saskatchewan. Look at what I have written about in the past week here - I've written about Jay Leno and Jaclyn Smith, and Megan Fox and the Toronto International Film Festival.

In fact, up there on the masthead I have a picture showing the skyline of Los Angeles. Why do I have a picture of Los Angeles on my blog when I am obviously based in frozen Canada? Because most of my blog posts are about Hollywood and pop culture, and that's where most of that stuff takes place. Besides, the palm trees fit in with all my posts about hurricanes.

So to sum up and make a long story short I say to all of you local folks in the Battlefords and region, keep on reading my stories in the Optimist papers -- and for the rest of you, keep on reading The Cairns Blog and The Reject Report. Speaking of which -- tonight's the night I have to file another Reject column.

It'll have to be later, though, because tonight I plan to once again be busy -- covering the news.


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