Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Well, the ratings are in for the first-week-and-change of the new TV season and the big winner seems to be a new show on CBS called NCIS: Los Angeles. Oh, and a telenovela on Univision is beating Jay Leno 3 out of 5 nights. Obviously Leno's big problem is he can't speak Spanish -- otherwise he'd do better.
The roadkill, though, is also piling up. Check out the Monday night ratings which show bad numbers for new shows Trauma and Lie to me. And HEROES is going down the tubes fast. That's what you get when you go up against the NFL Monday Night Football on ESPN.

And nobody is watching the CW at all, based on the first week's ratings. Why the heck does the CW even stay in business based on numbers like what they are drawing? They are getting ratings in the 1-to-2 rating range and running dead last in every time slot. Those poor folks over there at the CW might as well just give up.

Personally, I'm much more interested in the cable shows these days -- though my big problem is that I have no access to most of them on my own cable system. They seem to show my kind of stuff Entourage. The season finale is this weekend and it promises to be a big one, with Ari trying to take over his old agency. The bad news is Entourage is ending for another year, but the good news is Animation Domination is back on FOX. Here's the ratings for its first night back, with ratings for The Cleveland Show through the roof.

Cleveland rocks! Cleveland rocks! (Direct quote from The Drew Carey Show.) And that's all for now.

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