Friday, September 04, 2009


It's been a wild week of news out of Toronto.

I've been thinking about the place this week -- mainly because I just happened to catch some southern Ontario AM radio stations on my car radio while I was driving here on the prairie. And I just about broke down and cried, because stations from my beloved southern Ontario could be heard on the RADIO here in stinking hot Saskatchewan!! My radio was picking up Talk 820 and Oldies 1150 from Hamilton, and even 640 Toronto at one point (although that station kind of got drowned out by KFI, Los Angeles). It was clear, alright, with a radio ad coming through with Joel Matlin spouting off about the virtues of Alarm Force. Those ads are all over the Toronto radio dial.

See, I know my radio stations. Anyway, it's good to hear these stations live, on an actual radio, instead of on the Internet like I usually do.

As for life in Toronto, it continues to get worse by the day for those still there. Seems even more links to the past are going. Turns out the Pages independent bookstore, which I used to go to from time to time, is kaput and has closed up. It's a victim of sky-high rent that it can't pay. So Pages goes the way of Sam the Record Man, the CHUM Radio building, and so many other places in Toronto.

Hearing about closures like this one just burns me up. Much as I miss Toronto these days, too much of what I truly miss about the city is already gone and not coming back.

Speaking of the city -- Citytv moves to its new location in Young-Dundas Square, exiting the building it has long called home on Queen West. The folks at Citytv have done a series on the move, which happens September 8, and you can see some of it here. Also, I'll have more to say about the changes going on in TV in Canada, soon. But this is yet another one of these "links to the past" that is gone, now, too, with Citytv exiting the neighbourhood it has called home for so long.

As for actual news from Toronto, the big story this week has been the tragedy involving that bike courier Darcy Allan Sheppard, who got dragged to his death by a car driven by Michael Bryant, the former Attorney-General, on a city street. And now Bryant's future political career hopes are in ruins and he faces charges including criminal negligence causing death!! More revelations keep on coming out about this case with every passing hour. So far, this incident has been the talk of Toronto and has kept the news folks busy.

Heck, the news folks need something to preoccupy themselves and get their minds off other things -- especially the folks at CFRB Radio, which had a big 12-person bloodbath recently. They canned The Motts, and they also got rid of Michael Coren.

But Coren getting fired -- is that really news? Wasn't he also on 640 at one point, and they fired him, too? Coren just can't hold a job anywhere he goes.

And one of the suspects accused of plotting to bomb Toronto as part of the Toronto 18 case has been sentenced to 14 years. Why he didn't get more time from the judge, I have no clue. My main concern is that this guy is going to be back out on the street in fourteen years and will likely go back to what he was doing before: plot to bomb Toronto.

When you hear stuff like this -- plots against Toronto -- you just are glad to be out of the city and away from the craziness there.

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