Sunday, September 27, 2009


I just thought I would update our international viewers on the political situation here in frozen Canada as it stands now.

When we last left off, the NDP were contemplating propping up the Conservative government. Well, the NDP and the Bloc Quebecois ended up throwing the government a lifeline voting with the Tories to keep them afloat on a couple of bills. The NDP supported the unemployment insurance measure while the Bloc voted for the home renovation tax credit. So the government stayed afloat in spite of the fact that the Liberals were calling for Stephen Harper's scalp all this time. But the NDP and the Bloc are still not that enamoured with the government, either, and are taking it one vote at a time.

Then Parliament was off for a week last week, but now the MPs are back in Ottawa. And we are bound to have fun this week because Stephen Harper's government is going to give its economic update, and this is a sure fire no-win political dynamite type of situation, because none of the opposition parties like to support any of these things and they like to bash the government's performance on the economy all the time. The Liberals are bound to make some sort of motion of non-confidence, and the only issue is whether the other opposition parties will vote with them.

Now, I know there was sabre-rattling before, but I never really believed that the Conservatives were going to fall over EI reforms or over the home renovation tax credit. But they might fall on an economic update or something like that, because that's what caused that big brouhaha last year -- finance minister Jim Flaherty's claims that the government could avoid a deficit.

I still dunno if the government is going to fall this week -- there are still people in the opposition too chicken to have an election -- but I gotta say, these guys in government are walking a tightrope. You get the feeling that the day is coming when all three parties in the opposition are finally going to get up their courage and vote no-confidence. The question is when.


In other political news the Germans had their election today and Angela Merkel ended up victorious.

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Summerhill Toronto said...

Yeah, that's right - the question is when. I guess we should just get rid off this government as soon as possible, because it surely isn't doing a good job.