Friday, September 04, 2009


A few things: first, my box office preview of a weekend of movies that includes Gamer and other efforts, is out now.

Second, I notice Ain't It Cool's Capone did an interview with the two new critics of the At the Movies show, A.O. Scott and Michael Phillips. Thank heavens the previous regime of the Two Bens is ending. Those two TV guys were terrible.

Finally, a Hollywood Reporter piece on the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival. Hopefully the 2009 effort will be an improvement: the article talks about the Toronto Sun's Bruce Kirkland and his famous hit-piece on the festival last year, and it goes into whether or not the expansion of the Oscar Best Picture category to 10 nominees will turn the 2009 event into even less of a people's festival and just more of the same soul-selling to Hollywood.

Personally, I hope there's an improvement. I volunteered with the festival back in 2006, and even then the event seemed to be turning more and more of its attention to catering to rich people than to real movie fans. We'll see what they have in store this year. Hopefully the folks in charge will have responded with some positive changes. That's all for now.

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