Sunday, September 13, 2009


As far as I am concerned, this sabre-rattling going on in Ottawa about the potential fall of the Stephen Harper government is one big psych-out by the opposition until something concrete happens.

In the meantime, Jack Layton and his NDP gang are huddling and thinking long and hard about what to do. It seems like no matter what they do it's a complete no-win. If they prop up the government, their supporters will hate them and vote for the Greens. But if they pull the plug, they'll lose a lot of seats anyway because they're in no shape to fight an election.

We'll see. There's supposed to be a ways and means vote later this week, but as far as I'm concerned I'm not going to get excited until the government actually falls.

Even though we've had instability over the past few years, the government never actually fell until all the opposition parties were totally, f*cking fed up with them. I'm not so sure we've reached that point yet. Too many people have been talking about too many peace offerings.

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Anonymous said...

ctv and cbc are battling it out on making any election stuff so boring.