Thursday, September 10, 2009


Well, the big freaking news in the world of entertainment is that Ellen DeGeneres is Paula Abdul's replacement as a judge on American Idol.

Personally, I don't get it!! I could see why Ellen would be picked as a judge for one of these dancing shows, or a show like "America's Next Top Comedian" or "America's Next Top Talk Show Host." I could even see her on America's Got Talent or something like that.

But this is a music talent show! These judges are supposed to know about the music industry! Ellen has no street cred in the music business that I know of, unlike all the other judges. Has she produced any hit songs? Can she even sing a note? No!!

In fact, she'd probably be a worse singer than most of these people she'd be judging. Not that Randy Jackson would be better, either, but still -- she's got no more music industry credibility than all of us boring folks at home. Who is she to really say whether these singers are good or not? She's a comedian.

This is like what happened when funnyman Dennis Miller was made an analyst on Monday Night Football. He had no football credibility at all, and they still put him in the booth and made him pretend to know what he was talking about. So what makes this move any different? In fact, Ellen has more power to sway people as a judge than Miller had on Monday Night Football, because all Miller did was vent in the broadcast booth. He didn't have the power to get football players voted off the field.

It seems obvious to me that Ellen's appointment is a last-ditch grab at ratings by FOX, nothing more. I even question whether they will succeed on that score, either. Ellen doesn't strike me as appealing to that younger demo they say they are seeking. She seems to appeal to these housewives who watch daytime TV! They might as well have gotten Judge Judy for this gig.

For her part, I understand Paula "tweeted" her good wishes to Ellen for being her replacement, which I think is a classy move on her part. "I think Ellen will b a gr8 judge on Idol. She is wildly funny, talented and I wish her the best of luck!" she said.

I wish Ellen the best, too -- at least she's a professional who won't be a total train wreck on air. She'd probably be a decent talent show judge -- but on THIS show?? It makes no sense to me.

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