Sunday, September 13, 2009


Well, the Toronto International Film Festival keeps on going, and it has been good fun watching the Toronto stations on my cable system with their newscasts the last few days. They've been sending their female reporters to the red carpet to get interviews with all the big stars -- folks like CTV's Andria Case were seen interviewing people.

Meanwhile, all the screaming girls have been hanging out at all the swanky hotels where all the stars stay, hoping to get a glimpse or even an autograph from their favorite male stars. George Clooney was in town this weekend for some movie he was doing, and he had to fight off mobs of adoring women. It's not only Sutton Place Hotel that has been mobbed: it looks like the Park Hyatt is also getting mobbed -- again, mainly by the females of the species.

It's weekends like this that separate the boys from the girls. If you're a female in Canada, this has been the weekend to follow your favorite stars. But if you're a male, all you care about is the NATIONAL ... wait for it... Football League, which kicked off a full slate of games on the weekend. And the gearheads also were watching out for that big NASCAR race in Richmond to determine who would be in the Chase.

That's what I was mainly following this weekend -- not this film festival nonsense. In fact, I forgot to even tune in to the live news conferences on the Web because I wanted to watch football instead. Really, there is a reason why these Toronto TV stations were sending the female reporters to cover the stars and these parties-- because guys hate film festivals, hate parties and hate dressing up. If I wasn't such a big movie nut I probably wouldn't follow the film festival either -- because let's face it, I'm a guy and I like my NFL on TV.

Still, there's been some stuff at the festival that may interest the guys out there. I notice there is a big documentary about Hugh Hefner that rolled out, and he was there with his three new girlfriends. Also, guy magnet Megan Fox (pictured) was at her midnight madness movie, Jennifer's Body.

Other than that, I doubt guys will care much at all --- even though they should, because the women there are hot. (That Penelope Cruz--- meeeeeeeeoww!)

There is also controversy at the festival as they have chosen Tel Aviv for its City to City Spotlight, and that has brought out all the protesters who hate Israel, but it has also brought out those defenders who want politics out of the festival. I'm pro-Israel anyway, but this is one of those things where I really don't want to see politics taking over the film festival or the movies in general. In fact, politics is taking over way, way too much of society in general and I'm really sick of it all.

For those following the sales situation, here's a look at what movies are for sale. I think a few might be sold already.

I end with one more link -- to bigshot society reporter Shinan Govani of the National Post, with what he had to say about the activities.

Stay tuned for more from me about the Film Festival this week -- even though I'm not there. I'm not going to let the fact that I'm nowhere near Toronto interrupt my coverage!

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