Thursday, August 13, 2009


Speaking of "junk sports" ...

It looks like the AVP beach volleyball circuit is pouring even more sand onto the grave of the late and already-forgotten Arena Football League -- with word that two of its hottest stars are going to be featured in a hot magazine photo spread. Naked.

Pro beach volleyball players Michelle More and Suzanne Stonebarger, aka Team Gorgeous, have an eight-page spread in the September issue of Playboy, on newsstands soon.

You know, I think it's great when hot female athletes decide to have fun with their sex appeal and take their clothes off for the cameras. It gets people excited and raises eyebrows among the uptight people, and I think that's all good. According to that article I linked to, it wasn't such a big deal for these two to strip for the cameras, because apparently they have "seen each other nude a lot" in the locker room. Lucky girls.

Actually, this spread could also be a good business and marketing move -- this could be great promotion for Team Gorgeous and these ladies could end up selling a lot of merchandise for themselves. A sexy spread like the one in Playboy could turn a lot of guys into big beach volleyball fans. These two Team Gorgeous chicks have the NHL all beat.

The fact that Team Gorgeous will be getting gorgeous in Playboy is good news for guys. The bad news for guys, though, is these two will be in the same issue as Spencer Pratt's absolutely annoying wife, Heidi Montag, who apparently won't even be naked in her layout either. Sh!t!!

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