Sunday, August 23, 2009


Wow, I know I've been playing this whole "Summer of Death" thing to the hilt on this blog, but I really didn't expect Ryan Jenkins to be found dead in a hotel room, too, so soon. I thought the authorities would capture the man wanted for the murder of Jasmine Fiore somewhere here in Canada, and he'd be extradited and we'd see a big trial, and he'd get the death penalty, and that would be how it would go.

But they found him just tonight, in Hope, B.C. Dead.

Anyway, TMZ has all the gory details - as you would expect them to have. By the way --- has this ever been a big day for big-time international news here in frozen Canada! First Hurricane Bill hits, and now this.

Speaking of the "Summer of Death" -- I found this picture on the 'net that sort of references this depressing mid-year that we have had, with all these big names passing away. I guess someone out there is kind of amused by it all.

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US Official Tabloid Gossip said...

Ryan Jenkins is dead. His body was found in a motel in Hope earlier today. At this time it appears he took his own life.
Jenkins, a Calgary native, was wanted on first-degree murder charges in Orange County, Calif., in connection with the death of his ex-wife, Jasmine Fiore. Her mutilated body was found in a Los Angeles dumpster last weekend, stuffed in a dumpster in southeast Los Angeles.

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