Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well, guess who has come to the rescue of ABC again. That's right: Regis Philbin. If it was not for him and the revival of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, this Mickey Mouse network would have had an unbearably bad ratings week.

Well what do you expect from ABC and the other main networks these days? These networks seem insistent on shoving all the crap our way. For instance, ABC has a silly new show called Defying Gravity, which from the looks of it is Grey's Anatomy in space, complete with sex. But not too much sex because, after all, it is family-friendly network TV. So the sex scenes are all guaranteed to be timid and boring as all heck. What good is that?! Herc at AintItCoolNews calls it a scifi Estrodrama. He's right!

They also have a show on ABC called Wipeout, which looks much the same as a British show of the same subject matter, and also a reality show called Shark Tank which looks like a complete ripoff of CBC's Dragon's Den ... right down to the two Canuck "Dragons," uh, I mean "Sharks" on the panel!

You know, it's not that people don't want to watch television right now -- it's simply that network TV is giving people nothing to watch!! Thank God for cable TV and the stuff they show, because without that Sunday night programming all is truly lost.

Mad Men returns to AMC this week for another season, and it can't come fast enough as far as I am concerned.

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