Tuesday, August 18, 2009


First, here's my rundown on what happened at the box office on the weekend, and I ask you to take note of the lousy finish of the movie Bandslam.

NOT EVEN TOP TEN!!! Man, that takes a LOT of screwing up to achieve on an opening weekend.

I always find it odd when a movie that ought to be a stinkbomb ends up a hit, while another flick that ought to do better at the box office based on quality alone ends up tanking. Such is exactly what happened with Bandslam. Do you believe that this movie is getting a lot of rave reviews from critics? Yet audiences still refuse to give it a chance.

Here's a telling piece from Nikki Finke with a lot of insider baseball offering up possible reasons for Bandslam's failure -- they blame awful Summit marketing of the movie. Maybe they should have had the marketing machine that was behind Transformers 2 and G.I. Joe working for Bandslam. Those marketing guys managed to make big hits out of those two wastes of film. Who knows what they could have done with Bandslam. They probably would have done no worse.

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Felix Taylor, Jr. said...

I seen Bandslam last night. It was great! Too bad it did not get recognition from the box office but I am optomistic. It should do a lot better on DVD/Blue Ray in the next few months.