Friday, July 24, 2009


I have to say, this is rapidly turning into the worst summer ever. For one thing, it's flown by at top speed and I have been too busy to enjoy any of it. For another, it sure hasn't felt like summer here in frozen Saskatchewan. It began here late, for one thing. Plus, we've had too many cold days for my liking, and we've had a lot of overcast days and plenty of storms. It seems like every day here it's been one storm after another, and now I can't even enjoy the evenings out of fear of being attacked by hungry mosquitos.

So every day that the sun shines seems to be a day that comes at a premium. Moreover, there isn't an abundance of movie houses where I am, so one of my favorite summer pastimes -- enjoying the movies in a nice air-conditioned theater -- isn't happening enough to my liking.

By the way -- aren't you glad you aren't living in smelly Toronto?! The infamous municipal workers strike there is now 33 days old and counting, and the residents there are totally fed up. Now the union is serving up more tough talk about setting a deadline, and so on. I gotta say, the gong show that is going on in Toronto with the municipal workers makes other municipalities look good by comparison.

The Toronto strike has made this a truly lost summer for everyone still living in that town and ought to be yet another reminder about how good I have it these days on the prairie. But hopefully some good will come out of this strike for Torontonians -- maybe residents will finally realize what a disaster David Miller is as mayor, and maybe they will toss him and a few of his council supporters out in the next election.

UPDATE: Speaking of other places where summer has gone by too fast -- it truly is the Summer of Smoke in Kelowna B.C., with the wildfires there. Life is no good everywhere.

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Toronto realtor said...

Hey, interesting thoughts on the strike in Toronto. It finally seems to be over now. But actually, the situation (with the garbage/smell) there wasn't that even bad during the strike. Fortunately, there were volunteers who helped to clean up the garbage. Anyway, let's hope it will not happen again - in Toronto or elsewhere. Regards, Elli.