Wednesday, July 15, 2009


On the heels of that story I linked to some time ago about how Shannon Tweed got stripped of the "day" in her honor in Ottawa, I notice this story about how she's now visiting the city. Apparently the fans don't care about that gong show of a city council; they are still showering their affection on their home-town girl.

(Although I do notice some people from council, like the acting mayor, tried to pay tribute to her. And Shannon is apparently cool about the proclamation falling through; I guess she realizes some people on council at least tried to honor her. Classy lady.)

I notice Gene Simmons was there, too, and they got to tour Parliament! Wow, it must have really been a big day in the capital for the locals there, because they never get any big celebrities there. People must have been tripping over themselves trying to get autographs.

I have a question: when is Saskatoon going to try and give Shannon a day in honor of her, too? Saskatoon's also one of her "home towns." If they do give her a day in her honor, maybe she and Gene will visit the city, too. They had better bring security, though, because they'll be mobbed for sure. No one famous ever goes to Saskatoon -- the citizens would be in a state of shock at seeing any famous people from TV.

Put me on record as saying Saskatoon should declare Shannon Tweed Day in her honor. Heck, it would one-up Ottawa and do wonders for publicity.

That's two girl posts in a row!!! Holy crow, Hot-Looking Women Week at The Cairns Blog is off to a great start.

UPDATE: Here's Earl McRae's take on the visit and I notice there's quite a bit of mention of Saskatoon in the piece and about how Shannon grew up and went to high school there on the west side of town. They even mentioned the old Commodore Restaurant. I guess Gene Simmons was also in town for a big concert he had.

Like I say -- get with it Saskatoon, do what Ottawa failed to do, and give Shannon Tweed a day in her honor. She deserves it.


Anonymous said...

Saskatoon has seen plenty celebrities. It's a home to ~200,000 people. And we're not going to name a day Shannon Tweed Day. That is ridiculous.

SQ said...

FYI: Shannon is in Saskatoon today. There is no mob, no state of shock. I don't think anyone cares that much. I don't even think a lot of people know...