Saturday, July 11, 2009


Welcome to yet another News from Nowhere with more live continuing coverage of the death of Michael Jackson. Aren't you fed up yet with Michael Jackson coverage?! I know I am, and a lot of these hard-news types of people are fed up too. They look at all this Jackson coverage on the news and they rant and rave that the networks shouldn't be covering it, that other events are more important -- like Barack Obama going to Europe.

But I think this Jackson stuff is exactly the kind of thing the media should cover. Why? Because it's news and it's what everyone is talking about. Here's a link to Fox News's coverage of the day many of us won't forget -- the day Michael Jackson died.

Heck, even us hardened news folks were following it. On Tuesday I was at a big news conference that involved the Premier of Saskatchewan, a really big deal. But as soon as it was over what did the photographer and I do? That's right -- we rushed back to the newsroom to catch the big Michael Jackson memorial.

What was laughable was that we in the newsroom were openly speculating that maybe, just maybe, Michael Jackson had faked his own death! And that the whole funeral was a big publicity stunt for his London concert -- that they would open his coffin, he would step out of there, and he'd announce: "I'm back!!!"

Well, that didn't happen, but now another controversy has been raging on about where Jackson's body is. You see the screaming headlines everywhere: "where's the body?!!" All in all, I gotta say that even though Michael Jackson has died, famed Jackson chronlicler Diane Dimond has nothing to worry about. The stuff coming out about Jackson right now will keep the gravy train going for her for the next two decades, at least.

Speaking of Jackson, he's on the cover of all the magazines this week, including People, Time, the National Enquirer, and all the rest of them. The newsstands really are all Jackson all the time. Which leads me to thinking...

Where's Farrah?!
Shouldn't Farrah Fawcett be worth at least a few more covers than she is getting? She died the same day, dammit, she deserves the same treatment! I think she shared half a cover with Jackson on In Touch magazine, but that's about it. All in all, Farrah has really gotten ignored. Which I guess is good, because she can at least rest in peace -- unlike Jackson.

But she deserves her own tribute issue or something, from somebody. Farrah was definitely an icon.

On to other news.

On the heels of the big Sarah Palin idiotic decision to resign as governor so she can cash in, here's a piece from David Frum basically saying that Mitt Romney represents the only hope left for the GOP -- if he can only get his own act together.

Do you know that famed former Playboy Playmate of the Year (and former Ottawa resident) Shannon Tweed had a day in her honor proclaimed in Ottawa? And then some bluenoses on council took it back, and said she didn't deserve it and such? What nonsense. I think Shannon kind of represents the "local girl makes good" story, where she leaves and goes on to fame and fortune. Sort of the American dream -- or at least the Canadian one. If I were in Ottawa, I'd be proud of her -- what's she's been doing in the movies is no worse than what the local politicians are doing in town, screwing things up (ie. the feds, Mayor Larry, etcetera.) Anyway, even though the uptights on council took back her honor, a local radio station actually gave her the honor back, so there's still people in Ottawa who love her.

In other news, her significant other Gene Simmons is in smelly garbage-strike-ridden Toronto as grand marshal for the Honda Indy. All I gotta say is I'm glad to see a race finally back there.
And I notice the rumors are swirling about Roy Halladay possibly getting traded from the Blue Jays. but that wasn't the top story on TSN the other day. And neither is the Honda Indy! The top story on Sportscentre yesterday was ... wait for it... John Tavares of the Islanders!!!

Just because he shows up at camp, he's a top story?? TSN, quit covering the NHL so obsessively. This is not hockey season; it's July, dammit, it's baseball and football season! In fact, football is definitely a bigger story these days here in the West and a bigger story where I live, but they insist on covering the NHL. And the Islanders even have training camp this fall in Saskatoon, but folks in town only cared about one thing this weekend: the Riders. You media folks in Toronto, quit talking about the NHL. There are other sports.

Oh and Bruno rolled out this weekend. My box office rant is up about it.

That's it!!!!

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