Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Well, it's summer, which means there's nothing of value for me to say here at the blog. Besides, I've been mighty busy this week anyway, so I really have had nothing to say.

Fortunately, I have some free nights this week. Usually, this would allow me to catch up on my TV viewing so that I might get some inspiration to finally write that TV spec I keep threatening to write for Hollywood.

Except -- tomorrow night Barack Obama plans to take up more TV real estate yet again by having another one of his prime time addresses. A press conference on health care.

Give up already, Mr. Obama. I've had it up to here with Obama going on TV all the time, talking about this and that and the next thing and wiping out important TV shows in the process. How many times has this guy been on TV? It seems like every freaking month! I remember when he went on TV before an important World Series game, too. I know he's the President of the United States, but he should know better than to pre-empt baseball games. As if that wasn't enough, last week he hogged the spotlight again by making his way into the All-Star Game, throwing the first pitch!

And of course, people who are American Idol fans remember the night he pre-empted and delayed that show this season. Nobody remembers what for, but they all remember that it happened.

He's on TV more often than my favorite shows are -- and that's not even including all the clips of him shown on the news! I know he wants to get his message out, but I really do think he's wasting too much of his, and our, TV time on issues that can be best dealt with by dealing directly with legislators. You don't need TV for health care reform! What is going on TV going to do to solve the health care crisis? Nothing! Everyone knows already the health care system is totally messed up in the USA. The people are sold, already -- they just want something done that won't cost them an arm and a leg. So why is Obama wasting his time going on TV when he should be negotiating and cutting deals with Congress? Is going on TV a pressure tactic? If that's the case consider me totally unimpressed. Using the TV viewing public as a pawn in the health care debate to put pressure on legislators is no way to go.

Mr. President, quit wasting your time -- and ours -- by trying to be a TV star, and get back to work, darnit!

That's it! This has been a paid political announcement.

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